Favorites of 2022

My favorites of this year are:

Thanks for all support and hints and Happy New Year 2023!



For me I thanks @Mohammad for sharing this very useful bit of code:

\rules except dash list

/* css here .. */

MUCH easier to use pseudo selector / css variables with this.

A lots of thanks too to @simon for his work on tiddlyhost, template, cloning + external js wiki are a BIG QOL improvements. Until then I rarely used tiddlyhost, because I didn’t want to use too much bandwidth + saving was much more faster locally, these new features are a game changer for me.

My favorite plugin this year is hands down @Maurycy’s auto complete plugin. So many possibilities with this addon, it’s incredible.

@Mohammad’s Gatha plugin is a close second, I need to use it next year.

This tutorial by @btheado on how to make a JS widget is pure gold, one more thing I need to do next year: TW widget tutorials — Step-by-step widget demonstrations

This plugin that made adding comments support to my wikis very easy, by breakzplatform: GitHub - breakzplatform/tw5-github-comments: GitHub comments for TiddlyWiki5

This awesome plugin to export the core js / plugins and make your wiki lighter by @cdruan : GitHub - cdruan/tw-external-js: TiddlyWiki plugin for externalizing TW core and plugins

Very neat use of tiddlywiki by @Charlie_Veniot : Charlie'sBASIC Anywhere Machine — BASIC Programming Powered by TiddlyWiki

I don’t know anything about BASIC but it looks very impressive

Favorites additions to tiddlywiki this year: json operators, the listField option for the checkbox widget, support for directly specifying style properties, flat option on the map filter, the $:/tags/ClassFilters system tags

Happy New Year everyone ! :slight_smile:


Hi @JanJo
You asked new ones

New plugin from @Maurycy auto complete absolutely among the best! and I use it on daily basis!

New plugin spotlight from @saqimtiaz is among my favorites.

I love these amazing solutions and tools


Hi @JanJo

Thank for this thread, it brings to my eyes all great plugins/themes/macros/hacks. I did not followed discussions on a regular basis.

I think some of Q&A and Docs made my Tiddly-Life easier like


my personal favorite would be the guides being made by the community,

like the widget tutorials, as well as the tutorial for creating your own alternate layout.


There were so many discoveries in '22 that it is hard to pick the highlights:


Same as me on these.


I found another three innovations of the past year that are so great that I would like to have them in the core
@Mohammad’s advanced field search
@saqimtiazcontext-menu for links by the way what is open in float? I think I would love to have that feature too!
@fastfreddy’s selection context menu
best wishes Jan


@JanJo : honoured of the mention. Didn’t think this would make the cut for anyone - it’s not very sophisticated. Cheers!


I will share what ever I have used the most during 2022 (which are obviously my favourites)

New plug ins/tips/macros.

  1. Multicolumn plug in by BurningTreeC - I used it extensively during 2022, but currently I use it only in my demo wiki because of some incompatilities with other plug ins like echarts. Ensemble feature of MCL should be made a seperate plug in for use in other wikis. Its very useful to create an organised wiki. Open this ensemble tiddler and see no of ensembles I have created for demo purpose.
  2. Quickbar plug in from Tiddlywiki XP created by keatonlao. This is a good addition to my muuri layout in mobile view.
  3. Autocomplete plug in by Maurycy. This is part of all my wiki and I have created some custom triggers also. I would definitely enjoy using it. I haven’t got chance to use it to the full potential yet since it was released recently only.
  4. Spotlight plug in by Saq. I use it together with some regexp code and regexp plug in shared by Mark_S to create subtitle buttons to easily invoke the spotlight - Demo of subtitle button - just click on the tweet button in the subtitle of this tiddler.
  5. Context menu plugin - selection add-in by fastfreddy. I plan to use it extensively with strex macro by telmiger and sticky todo by stobot and its mod by JanJo .
  6. BR’s Sidebar Tabs Ledger - I modified this to create a similar config tiddler for TiddlerInfo. Click on the TiddlerInfo button in the viewtoolbar of any tiddler to see the minimalist looks of the Info section.
  7. Variant of close-others viewtoolbar button by pmario. This helps to keep only two tiddlers in the story river when I want to view and compare justtwo tiddlers. Click on this button image
    in the page control.
  8. Copy field and navigate to advanced search filter tab in a single click using this button by jerojasro - Click on the TiddlerInfo button in the viewtoolbar of tiddler in my demo wiki to see the button adjacent to the field delete button.
  9. Some new palettes I have discovered - DarkGreen from TW XP, Delphes notes palette, Be-Rad palette, Zacht Dark palette
  10. Open links in modals using Charlie_Veniot 's tKwm - See the demo. I have created many variants of this.
  11. Donut charts by Mohammad - I use it in my budget wiki with the help of amreus
  12. Create forms from template with the help of telumire. See this Forum discussion - This also used in my budget wiki. Click on the Forms link in this tiddler to open the Form in a modal.

Re inventing old plug ins

  1. Muuri plug in again by BurningTreeC. I was a fan of muuri from the first time I saw it, but never used it in my daily wiki. But this add on for muuri by fastfreddy made a huge difference to by muuri usage. Muuri is the default layout in all my wiki. I hope BurningTreeC continue to maintain it.
  2. Captivate theme by cdruan. This too is part of all my wikis. I just use the theme part, not the layout. But it’s excellent.
  3. Sidebar of JD’s whitespace theme. This too is part of all of my wiki. I don’t use some part of the theme (deleted some CSS from the stylesheet) - Hover at the right margin of the screen to reveal the side bar in this demo wiki.
  4. buggyj’sTiddlyclip - I remember making some notes about tiddlyclip in the “Best of 2020” thread in Google groups. My opinion about tiddlyclip changed drastically from that time. Just take a look at the number of discussions in the tiddlyclip GitHub repo. I don’t think there is any other TW plug in GitHub repo with soo much of activity in the last one year. Also htmltowikitext macro by Mark_S complements tiddlyclip very well. This pdf macro by telumire also works well with tiddlyclip. Here are a huge list of tiddlyclip configuration I have created - 1, 2, 3 with help of buggyj. I haven’t removed the unwanted ones. So it might be little difficult to understand. If anyone want these, I can help by sorting it in a better way.
  5. GSD5- Although I have seen it 2 years back, I haven’t tested it untill recently. Since then I haven’t looked at any other task managers or GTD systems. Although the new version has some bugs, I hope Roma Hicks will update the plug in to solve those issues.
  6. Multicolumn tiddler layout in Shiraz and this button to cycle through different multicolumn layout by by Brian_Radspinner - Demo - Click on the image in the tiddler viewtoolbar
  7. Section Editor by Mohammad with this viewtoolbar button by JanJo - I use it style and organise contents clipped from twitter, facebook, and other websites using Tiddlyclip. Here is a demo tiddler clipped using tiddlyclip and styled by section just by clicking on this view toolbar button. image

Things to be explored in 2023.

  1. Carbo Commander by Mark_S
  2. Speech to text plug in by BurningTreeC and Finn Lancaster for use in mobile.
  3. Updated Go To Shortcut plug in by Maurycy.
  4. Use strex macro to create cloze type flashcards and integrate spaced repetition (like in Anwiki) into it using the concept of stobot’s sticky ToDo
  5. FilterBuilder from Tiddlywiki XP
  6. Waiting for the updated mediaplayer plug in by buggyj to support local video annotation.

Hopes for future.

  1. Updated tiddlytables because it’s the backbone of my budgetwiki.
  2. Updated Tekan plug in because it may complement the GSD5 plug in.

This list will be updated if I remember any missing plug ins or tips.

  • the overall pace of core development. We had 3 releases in 2022 not counting the bug fix release of 5.2.5 and each brought a substantial set of new features and quality of life improvements.
  • Support for nested macros. Somewhat kicking myself that I never thought of this. Excellent for code encapsulation.
  • parsermode pragma: so useful for template and will allow me to deprecate my custom pragrma that does the same thing.
  • flat suffix for :map filter run prefix
  • loading, loaded, error classes for image widget.
  • Hidden Setting: Sync Logging

I found that a brilliant post!

It is more than a favourites thing.

It is a complete description of wide USAGE.
Very useful to see!



@Mohammad’s Random Tiddler Button !! :rabbit2:


This. By far.  

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@Mohammad’s Random Tiddler Button !! :rabbit2:

:rabbit:, :rabbit2:, :rabbit:

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit …

Tiny rabbit, TT


Tiddler thumbnails from @Charlie_Veniot was a small fave of mine this year.


Hi Jan,
I forgot to mention that the Chinese Community of Tiddlywiki created some very interesting tools.
I occasionally explore the CPL developed by @linonetwo and his colleagues to see what they have done, and I just surprised with the useful plugins/editions/solutions they developed. They also collected many of plugins and tools spread around the web.

I would suggest changing the OP to a wiki, so people can edit and add tools created in 2022 and then anyone can reply by his/her favorites.

May be @linonetwo, @oflg, or our other Chinese friends here can add the new tools developed in Chinese community to the list.


A vero! (True!)

The CPL Plugins Library is awesome.



Actually, the CPL is mainly set up by @Sttot , he is always trying to make these workflows smoother, very nice work. Including GitHub - tiddly-gittly/Modern.TiddlyDev: Modern TiddlyWiki Developing Environment for advanced plugin developers.


I use Shiraz 2.7.2 — create stylish contents in Tiddlywiki 's style and its DynamicTable a lot this year, thanks @Mohammad for creating these pure wikitext tools.

And I like the talk forum, a good place for sharing and helping, and get accompanied.