Gatha Plugin: Beta Release - Create and Distribute Tiddlywiki Plugins

Gatha [3] is an easy plugin maker.

  • Gatha allows you to package your tools, solutions, notes, … as Tiddlywiki plugin.
  • It is very simple and works in browser
  • A newbie with basic knowledge of Tiddlywiki can make a plugin and share it with othres

Demo and Code
Beta 0.8.0 is in the way, stay tuned!

[1]. Gatha Plugin: Experimental Release
[2]. Proof of Concept: Gatha a Plugin Maker and Content Manager - Plugins - Talk TW (
[3] Gatha (Zoroaster) - Wikipedia

  • Create in browser
  • Export as zipped plugin folder (for Node.JS + Tiddlywiki)

For the first time you can make a Tiddlywiki plugin in browser, but export it as plugin folder to be used in client-server environment (e.g Tiddlywiki on Node.js)

See below screencast



Gatha 0.8.0 has a button to load existing plugins to modify and hack!
Please check the copyright to see if you are allowed to do that!

With Gatha it is very easy to inspect existing plugins/themes and languages and hack them!


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Gatha has got a new update!

Code and demo

Release 0.8.0

  • Feb 10th, 2022
  • [NEW] export to zip file (plugin folder structure)
  • [NEW] export to demo.html + plugin
  • [NEW] the field parent-plugin added
  • [NEW] adding and removing extra tiddlers is much easier now
  • [NEW] remove all extra tiddlers button
  • [FIXED] the updated to add new fields
  • [FIXED] publisher name and plugin name is corrected for all type of plugins e.g. themes, languages and plugins
  • [Fixed] extra tiddlers section now shows the drop here

Special thanks

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@Mohammad Consider yourself starred :star: And installed :package:

But I have questions:

  1. What’s the easiest way to add tiddlers en mass? DnD is far too laborious.

  2. What is “Plugin parent”?

  3. Related to #1, can you add a filter field where the filters are read and the results added to the plugin?

[tag[my-stuff]] [prefix[tool-]] [[tag[utility]!tag[private]]


  1. How do I remove plugins listed in the vertical tabs? (NOT remove the plugins from my wiki)


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  • It is recommended to have the plugin namespace for tiddlers added to plugin!
  • You can drag and drop a tag to add bulk of tiddlers
  • I use Commander to use complex filters and select among them and drag and drop! Tiddler commander is very powerful here!

In Tiddlywiki, a plugin parent is the main plugin which can have some subplugins. For example see CodeMirror and its subplugin!

Yes, Open commander, enter you filter, select all, and drag and drop the working tag

If you mean the draft plugin! You can delete them or remove the field plugin-draft!
But if they are plugin drafts, they should be there

No, they’re existing plugins that I just clicked on in the select dropdown. Now I don’t want to see them anymore.

The best way is to delete them and reinstall! It is assumed plugins loaded for modifying are touched! So, deleting is the best way!

But you can also remove the plugin-draft field to remove them!

What? Delete? All I did was click around…

We must be talking at cross purposes: I want to remove these tabs:


  • Click on the plugin title (the one you see in tab content not tab button)
  • delete the plugin
    The tab will be removed!

Other method remove the plugin-draft field (not recommended as plugins loaded are modified)

This solution uses Commander.


Sorry. I’m going to hit rewind on this. I had no idea that perceived benign actions like browsing the interface was going to write to existing plugins.



I thought Gatha was the solution.

You might get more traction if you supported @pmario’s bundles approach. Filters are the way to go, I believe.

Browsing does not change anything! Selecting for edit adds two fields to plugin! nothing changed!

First: this is a beta release!
Second: Look at the demo page!

Third, you can rewind, just drag and drop new plugins! Nothing happened!

Gatha is a tool to create plugins! You asked you want to add a list of tiddlers with complex filter selection! I said Commander is one solution to do that!

Yes, you can add ui to accept filters and a button to add tiddlers, but I think this is not required as there are other tools are available!

Already recovered.     

I think you should reconsider. I don’t need Commander, I need a plugin solution that goes beyond DnD.

My largest Bundle is 696 tiddlers - whether I chose to break it up into a set of plugins or one huge one, either way it’s a daunting task without a filter field:


@Mohammad And by the way, that tabs UI will not scale for users with a wealth of plugins. Might be better to keep it pared back to a select or popup.

If you have Bundler and it works, use it! No need to have Commander! It is one solution as I always have it in my installation, so I use it!

You can have a simple button to do it for you! Example

<$button dragFilter= "[tag[my-stuff]] [prefix[tool-]] [tag[utility]!tag[private]]" >drag me to your draft plugin