Use WebDAV for saving a single file wiki

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This post collates and summarizes options for working with and saving single file TiddlyWikis using a WebDAV server. When the TiddlyWiki file is loaded from a WebDAV server url, it will automatically detect and act as a WebDAV client. All changes will be saved back to the WebDAV server.

The “platform” below refers to the platform on which the WebDAV server runs. The TiddlyWiki WebDAV client code runs in the browser and is completely cross platform.

Cross platform:
(these are all very lightweight, portable and easy to use solutions)




  • RCX (Rclone for Android). Being an rclone port means that RCX lets you do spectacular things from your Android phone, like directly editing a TiddlyWiki file stored on Google Drive (or Dropbox, or FTP, or any of the remotes listed here, including of course your local storage). Assuming that one or more TiddlyWiki files have been stored in your Google Drive, just follow the steps below:

    1. Create a new Google Drive remote by clicking on the :heavy_plus_sign: sign in the bottom right corner of RCX Remotes screen. This will lead you seamlessly through the authentication process of your Google Drive account. Once the remote is created, it will appear as a new entry on the Remotes screen.
    2. Now you can select your Google Drive remote from the Remotes screen. After a short while (provided you’re online of course) you should see the list of your GD folders. Navigate to the one that holds your TiddlyWiki(s), click on the vertical dots menu, then choose Serve…, then Webdav, then OK.

    Now open a browser in the same Android device at http://localhost:8080 and choose the TiddlyWiki file you want to edit. Not only it will load as expected, but it will also save to Google Drive transparently, thanks to webdav!
    Note that if the wikis in the served folder are not too sensitive, you can even serve them outside your phone (to your local network for instance) by allowing access from other devices at step 2 and choosing a Username/Password to avoid inadvertent access.

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If anyone uses the scoop installer, I have created a “bucket” that contains dave, webdav, and widdler programs. You can add it here:

If you are unfamiliar with scoop, it makes installing, updating, and uninstalling apps fairly quick and painless.

rclone, which can also be used to serve wikis using webdav, is available in one of the default app repositories, which are referred to as “buckets.”

The basic scoop commands to try out widdler for example is:

> scoop bucket add amreus
> scoop update
> scoop install widdler

The main scoop site is

If you aware of any related apps, I’d be glad to try to add them also.

I addressed the possible use of the Hacdias webdav server (Windows) and WebDavNav (OSX) server a while ago. Let me share 2 tips that may help you in using them.

  1. Hacdias webdav server

If you use multiple tiddlywikis, you may want to use the following example script for quickly starting webdav and opening a particular wiki. It is an AutoHotKey script which you can use with the free AutoHotKey tool. You can even compile it into a Windows executable (.exe) if you like. This example expects the webdav executable and the script in the same directory (change the script if you want to use a different approach).


SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%
FileSelectFile, SelectedFile, 3, , Open a tiddlywiki file, Tiddlywiki Documents (*.htm; *.html)
if (SelectedFile = "") {
    MsgBox, You didn't select any file
else {
    Run, webdav -c config.yaml    
    Run, brave.exe -new-tab "

Replace brave.exe with the executable of your browser and the settings you use for webdav. The script will remember the wiki file location you used the last time you used the script.

Now you can start any wiki in one go (select and start)…

  1. WebDavNav

Chrome (or Chromium related) browsers will not accept using a self signed certificate within the latest OSX versions. Enable the certificate in the OSX keychain (selecting only SSL for the certificate is sufficient).

Maybe this is of use to anyone. Enjoy.


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