[tw5] Embedding images on Android

Hey guys,

I’m new here. I’ve been having this issue where local images won’t load on android (Chrome) where they would on my laptop. I’m using the single html file TiddlyWiki. I’ve tried having the image in the same directory as well as in a sub directory. I first tried the [img[(file path]] syntax as well as the _canonical_uri. Again they work fine on my pc but on android it just shows this image icon.

Does anyone know what’s going on?

Thank you,

Chrome on Android cannot access local file paths: Chromium Blog: Security in Depth: Local Web Pages

This is an instance where having the images AS base64-encoded-image-tiddlers will work out “easiest”. Otherwise, you’ll have to host those images online or on a local network host, and make sure the _canonical_uris are pointing to the correct paths.

Joshua Fontany

Speaking of “local network host”, there is an easy way to create one on Android, using the RCX app. See instructions at the end of https://talk.tiddlywiki.org/t/use-webdav-for-saving-a-single-file-wiki/441. This would allow you to make the directory where your wiki resides available to Chrome through webdav.


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