WebDAV wiki farm: inviting beta testers and collaborators (CSS)

Over the coming winter months, I would like to start publishing components of my WebDAV wikifarm setup which includes:

  • an improved WebDAV saver with support for creating backups
  • support for the FileUploads plugin
  • support for interacting with the local file system. for example display all images in a directory
  • affordances to create and manage new wikis from within TiddlyWiki
  • wiki locking to prevent accidental overwrites when it is open in multiple browser(s) windows or tabs.

Towards this goal I am looking for users to help test the features and make sure they are robust, as well as collaborators knowledgeable in CSS to collaborate with on elements of the user interface, such as the file explorer that shows the contents of the local file system.

If you are interested in either collaborating on the user interface, or in testing and providing feedback, please get in touch by sending a private message on this forum (click my user avatar and then choose “Message” and mention WebDAV in the title of the message).

It is a plus if you already use WebDAV to work with TiddlyWiki, but it is not a must as long as you can use one of the options described here - or an equivalent - to use WebDAV.


Hi @saqimtiaz,
This is great! I wanted to have this since I saw it for the first time. Thank you for making this version public!

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Hi @saqimtiaz,
so far my setting is apache/php on a rented webspace… What woult be your proposition to start using WebDAV?

Hi Jan, the intended audience for this thread is those already comfortable with using WebDAV and interested in the wiki farm setup. If you want guidance on how to start using WebDAV, I recommend starting a new thread. You can also take a look at the options listed here though they are focused on personal and private usage rather than something publicly available online.

This round of work on the webdav setup has come to an end as I expect to be unavailable to work on it further for the near future. The rewritten webdav-utils are available via my plugins sandbox.

I am unable to offer any support for it but hope that it will prove useful to others nonetheless. This plugin is essentially a more generalized and cleaned up rewrite of what I have personally been using for well over a year.

Many thanks to everyone that reached out and offered to test the rewrite of the WebDAV setup. There were so many of you that I was not able to take you all up on the offer but it is appreciated nonetheless.

A special thanks to @telumire for taking on the task of rewriting the file explorer from scratch.


I hope the near future won’t be too long. We’ll be missing you.
Best wishes Jan


This has now been updated for TW v5.3.0 removing most of the custom JavaScript in favour of the new core affordances for HTTP requests. When time permits I will refactor to remove the remaining pieces of JavaScript as well.