Syncing and using on both Windows and Android?

A couple questions:

What is the easiest way to setup a Tiddlywiki such that I can use it on both my Windows PC, and Android phone?

What is the best way, from a user-experience perspective? (what will work best once it is set up)

Fingers crossed the answer to both of these questions is the same!

2 Likes is probably the easiest way to be able to access a TW anywhere.

@Ste_W pointing to hosting a tiddlywiki somewhere where both the Windows device and android device is possibly the most robust approach.

With the other methods you are forced to make some choices such as which device is the host, or reference copy. One of the best I have seen (but not easy to use) is hosting the wiki on android with termux, basically you access the wiki on the android when at home via windows and local Wi-Fi to the phone. Depending on your needs such as a private wiki.

Other solutions work based on;

  • One drive, Google Drive, Dropbox and others
  • Accessing the wiki on a phone via wifi or USB cable
  • Aforementioned hosting
  • Using file synchronisation
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I store my tiddlywiki on Onedrive, I use it on PC in general way. There is an app called Tiddloid which you can find it here: GitHub - donmor/Tiddloid: Tiddloid is an app to work with locally stored TiddlyWikis. . When I need to open my wiki, I just open Tiddloid and access Onedrive to open it up. When I finish reading or editing, just close it and it will automatically save it on Onedrive.

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I use TW across various devices that are Windows and Linux based. For me Syncthing ( works very well. It’s open source, free, and apps are available for all major platforms, including Android. Its advantage is that you can work with wiki’s on various places, also when there is no internet-connection available. I personally am not using TW on Android, but I am fairly sure this would work.

I did create a video series some time ago: file-backups" connected with Tiddlydrive

It shows how you can edit locally and sync the content to GoogleDrive … Saving can be done by any browser using TiddlyDrive.

So if you don’t want to use file-backups you can start watching at video no. 2. It shows how to setup GoogleDrive connected to a local directory. Video 3 shows, how to use the TiddlyDrive extension for GoogleDrive. … It let’s you save wikis back to GD with any browser on a phone.

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Hi @Elijah, if you want to use the same TiddlyWiki from different devices, you need it to be served. Either you serve it yourself from one of your devices, in which case I heartily recommend that you investigate the rclone webdav approach, or as suggested by @Ste_W that you get do it for you.

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