Are there any experiences implementing a WebDAV-Wiki Server using php?

Since there is @saqimtiaz ` beautiful experiment which is using WebDAV to enhance TW I ask myself whether someone has already made experiences using php to implement WebDAV?
The net says it should be possible…but I do not know which Repository is best to use.

I would be keen to know too, but have not seen it. Typically we use tw-reciever for php and WebDav separately. My won cpanel host seems to provision node somehow but I have not worked that out yet.

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@JanJo Assuming you have access to a server that runs PHP, why not just let the server provide WebDAV directly? Apache, Nginx etc all support it. The cheapest VPS from any provider would do.

If you want to use shared hosting where you might not have access to configure the server, look for one that offers WebDAV. Sometimes this also marketed as webdisk and is configured via cPanel but I have no personal experience with this.

Thank you @saqimtiaz … I am thinking for some time to change my server and I have already made an attempt whith virtual server which turned out to be to small to fit in the image.
So perhaps this is what I will have to do finally also to be able to use node.js - but I thought that maybe I am not the only one stuck in this situation and looking for a trick to postpone this.

Which hosting provider are you currently using?

It is ionos

I have just across what looks like a single file PHP WebDAV server implementation, might be worth exploring for those without access to Nginx/Apache configuration but able to use PHP.

If anyone ends up testing this and finds that it works well with TiddlyWiki, do update the wiki post for WebDAV server options for TW.

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