Most wanted Features 2023

I would like to add a thread on features we would most desperately like to have in TW.
Post your deep desires to devs one-by-one.


I will start with this one: The single Tiddler Auto Updater

Tiddlers that -if rendered somewhere - regularly update themselves from the server.
This does not have to be the case for all tiddlers. I would like to have a field where I can put the number of seconds when the Tiddler requests changes. This would make it easier to work with TW on the Blackboard or steering work of students or presentations remotely.


Real-time multi user collaboration. That’s really the only thing that I miss currently in tiddlywiki to be able to efficiently use it with players for a tabletop game session (or any kind of collaborative writing).

  1. toggle for sidebar placement for the default right and for the left in control panel or even getting started? Just because I’m a lefty and would like it on the left…

  2. official mobile layout for use with handheld devices. I use the mobile theme created by JD, and would make for a great place to look for starters. touch navigation would be nice as well, such as swiping left or right to open the sidebar…

  3. Carousel style of sidescrolling mechanism for tags in a tiddler edit template, and added buttons on menubar (for ref, the tags in YouTube are a good example.)


Without adding a control panel item, give this a try:

Create a tiddler (e.g., “SidebarOnLeft”), tagged with $:/tags/Stylesheet, containing:

<$let sidebarwidth={{{ [{$:/state/sidebar}match[no]then[0px]] ~[{$:/themes/tiddlywiki/vanilla/metrics/sidebarwidth}] }}}>
.tc-sidebar-scrollable { left:0; margin:0; }
.tc-story-river { left:<<sidebarwidth>>; padding-right:42px; }



jsonset to be able to use json data tiddlers as complex and flexible data storage.

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The Cecily of TWClassic for TW5
…or other tools to build a great Pinboard or even emulate Prezi.


@EricShulman SidebarOnLeft should just be a toggle available in settings, I am not sure why it is not.

  • I suppose we need to alter the open/close sidebar icons to match.

Love your work

Here is my own package that also adds it to Control Panel Settings
sidebar-on-left.json (1.4 KB)


Here’s a version that combines “ControlPanel > Settings” and “Stylesheet” in one tiddler:

Create a tiddler named $:/config/SidebarOnLeft, tagged with $:/tags/ControlPanel/Settings, containing:

\define config() $:/config/SidebarOnLeft

\define controls()
<h2><$link to=<<config>>>Sidebar on left</$link></h2>
<$checkbox tiddler=<<config>>  tag="$:/tags/Stylesheet"> Side bar on left</$checkbox>

\define styles()
<$let sidebarwidth={{{ [{$:/state/sidebar}match[no]then[0px]] ~[{$:/themes/tiddlywiki/vanilla/metrics/sidebarwidth}] }}}>
.tc-sidebar-scrollable { left:0; margin:0; }
.tc-story-river { left:<<sidebarwidth>>; padding-right:42px; }

<$list filter="[<storyTiddler>!match[]]"><<controls>></$list>
<div style={{{ [<storyTiddler>!match[]then[display:none;]] }}}><<styles>></div>

End-To-End encryption mechanism
As proposed and experimenting here : Adding a new cryptographic library as TW Plugin

Then TW would be public readable but parts only by those providing the right “private key generation” credentials, thus revealing only tiddlers “ciphered to” or “signed by” it or a friendly key.


Sync between Edit / Preview.

Working with !, !!, !!! results in a shift in preview - in a long tiddler preview can be out of scope/screen.


A server for noobs :wink: fullfilling the desires of pros
The learning curve for installing TW on a server is much steeper than tinkering in TW and much more packed with fear because at first this feels like heart surgery.

  • It would like to have a server packed on a tiny image or a plugin for an easy-to-use system like yunohost that can be installed out of the box.
    This dream-server
  • would have an Interface as easy to use and manageas @jeremyruston’s Tiddlydesktop
  • like arlen’s Tiddlyserver it would be able to serve the wiki from folders and singlefiles,
  • it would have extra feature of showing and configuring url / the subdomain to reach each wiki.
  • it would have webDAV for remotely showing folders
  • and maybe even a couchDB instance which could be swichtched on for syncing devices (and even realtime interaction?!)
  • It would have a user management which leads everyone to a start page showing his wikis and would
  • allow granting read / write properties to other users.
    …and of cours there would be great videotutorials showing it in action and explaining how to use it

Fix the documentation. For example: this.

I am generally annoyed with ever-increasing feature additions to the core. It makes it harder to understand TiddlyWiki when there are too many ways of doing things. That partly keeps me from participating in the forums and makes it difficult for me to contribute.

But the big sore point for me is ever-increasing features that adds to the complexity in keeping documentation up to date and fixed.

So the most wanted feature for me is: not more features without a better job on documentation.


I’m still new so maybe I’m just doing it wrong but:
Number list that keeps the order
The number system reset to 1, when there is picture, or some other “code” insert in-between bullet-points… In most cases I’m switching to bullet points list instead of numbered list…but I would prefer numbers so I can reference it in later comments. (in item 1.4.5 we did abc)

See Lists in WikiText. Specifically, the last section “Paragraphs in Lists”, which talks about using <div>...</div> to enclose multi-line content so that numbering of list items will be preserved.


See this CSS solution : Is there an easy way to guarantee sequential numbering of ordered lists? - #4 by telumire

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