Sticky Todo Plugin - Initial Release

I’m following up with a plugin version of a previous experiment. I’ve added a significant amount of features and configuration to the tool itself (based almost entirely on the feedback of others in this community - thank you!) and hosted it on github and put a video on YouTube for it.

This is my first ever plugin (used Tinka) so I’m sure I did a few things wrong, or at least sub-optimal. I welcome any feedback. I actually probably over-built some parts of it, but did so in order to force myself to learn how to do it.

Here’s now the home for this plugin: Sticky Todo — Lightweight Todo System
I still have to add a bunch of documentation to accompany the video for those that prefer to read through it. I’ll work on that as I go, but wanted to post some progress here.

Here’s the new walkthrough video


I am using Linux and Firefox. When I click a todo - it is not marked done - it gets deleted - and no i was not using the shift key.


I can’t re-produce on my end, so hoping you might be willing to give me a little follow-up. In the settings tiddler ($:/plugins/stobot/sticky/settings) the last entry is for delete-key. Does that show as shift for you? Thinking maybe if that’s blank, that’s why it would fire?

The relevant code that’s supposed to detect shift looks like:

<$list filter="[<modifier>!match{$:/plugins/stobot/sticky/settings##delete-key}]" variable="x">
  <$action-setfield text={{{ [all[current]get[text]search-replace:g:<in>,<out>] }}}/>
<$list filter="[<modifier>match{$:/plugins/stobot/sticky/settings##delete-key}]" variable="x">
  <$action-setfield text={{{ [all[current]get[text]search-replace:g:<in>,<del>] }}}/>

I’ve not used this thing before this plugin, so not sure if it works any differently outside of my system…

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Thank you for publishing this sticky todo plugin! It has great potential for many use cases!

For me on Windows 10 + Chrome 93, it works like a charm!

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@ stobot
You got it - it was the delete-key in plugins/stobot/sticky/settings. I got the thought that I might have overwritten something trying out all the settings - and started the test all over in a freshly downloaded Tiddlywiki. Checked the setting - shift were correctly set there now - and it works - for me too.

You have done an incredible job making all the settings possible - and I must admit I love the table.

Sorry for the fuss.

Hi @stobot,
I just installed the plugin, and it really does a good Job.
As I said, it would be great if it was possible to add a “who” …and a due date.
And if it was possible to sort the tasks by the due date.
The in/out replacement trick is really smart!
Thanks for this! Jan

I think this kind of heavy todo management should be using dynamic table solution, you can add many fields, and use filter to sort them.

Hi @stobot can you add your plugin to our plugin library? I think add the HTML link to it will be sufficient.

Hi linonetwo,
I know that this will be difficult ;-)…but it should be possible with the plugins in/out-trick which already can add a done-date and the filter shown demonstrated in the sidebar.

Hi lovers of @stobot 's lightweight ToDo-stickies,
as discussed I made a mod of the plugin to be able to add a who and a when to the sticky-tasks.

It is no plugin! Install stobots original, the Tiddlers that do the trick are listed in the second Tiddler.
@EricShulman 's It's About Time! — TiddlyTools: "Small Tools for Big Ideas!" (tm) is used to add a date.

Best wishes Jan

You might want to use EditListMacro — TiddlyTools: "Small Tools for Big Ideas!" (tm) to provide both the date picker:

<<edit-list type:calendar ...>>

and the edit/select “combobox”:

<$macrocall $name="edit-list" field=who filter={{Names of the Actors}} multiple=yes confirm=yes />

Hi Eric, this looks like a very complete solution.
But I am such a big fan of your Calendar-Plugin that I will stick :wink: to it for my sticky-Mod.

Hi @stobot , can you add a snippet to your plugin, so we can use snippet, instead of remember the macro?

Hi Lin,

there is a button and a shortcut, that should be sufficient :slight_smile:
Best wishes Jan

@JanJo just hope all it can appear in the / menu like this:

Okay no snippet needed, the toolbar button is so handy!

@stobot Hey, this is some great work! I love the idea of TODOs listed right in the context of where they were created.
Do you think it would be possible to make toggling a task also trigger an autosave?

Hi, great plugin! Seems like it finds tiddlers by searching their text for '<<sticky '. So this means I can’t create my own macro to wrap it, or transclude tiddlers that contain is (so that the sticky is associated with the transcluding page).

Is there a way for the macro to create a field with the information and search for it instead?