Mehregan Edition: First public beta release

Mehregan app (a new Tiddlywiki edition)

Following the discussion on developing a new edition (Plan for a New Edition: A Free Pick of Tiddlywiki Scholar Features), the first public beta of Mehregan is ready for testing (do not use for real applications).

For video demos, features you can see (Plan for a New Edition: A Free Pick of Tiddlywiki Scholar Features)


Mehregan is a Tiddlywiki based app for personal knowledge management.

Mehregan is a standalone Tiddlywiki app and acts as a single html file and can be used offline on a USB thumb drive with any modern browser.

Mehregan implements a knowledge management system using the “Zettelkasten” method. It is highly hackable; to shape it to your tastes and needs.

Mehregan is modular, so users with reasonable knowledge of Tiddlywiki should be able to easily add/remove features!


  • Smart tabs
    • Node explorer
    • Keywords
    • Tiny Todolist
    • Comments
  • Journals
    • Interstitial journaling
    • Today tasks
    • Today activities (all tiddlers created/modified today)
  • Category tabs (sidebar)
    • Ideas
    • Questions
    • Journals
    • Sources
    • People
    • Tag cloud
    • Summary of Todos
  • Keyboard shortcuts for frequent used actions
  • Colorful tabs and tiddlers
  • Iconized categories
  • Powered by Tiddlywiki 5.2.1p


  • Mehregan gradually will have most of kookma plugins onboard
  • Other editions with customized features will be published



Demo and code

If you thought you may like Mehregan, you can star it on GitHub :wink:

Note: Mehregān (Persian: مهرگان‎ or Jašn-e Mehr جشن مهر Mithra Festival) is a Zoroastrian and Persian festival celebrated to honor the yazata Mithra (Persian: Mehr), which is responsible for friendship , affection and love . It is also widely referred to as the Persian Festival of Autumn. (From Wikipedia)


Nice! I added this to the toolmap under “Writing and editing - note-taking”

Hi @Mohammad
thanks for your newly released Mehregan edition.

I look forward to studying it and hopefully implenting it into a meaningful wiki design.

It’s modular design opens up a lot of possibilities for beginners and experienced users alike.

I will comment further, when I have had a bit more time to review it.

Thanks again ,


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Hey Folks,

in most of the use the smart tabs / Magic tabs in Footer hold context information of the current tiddler. So in my eyes it will be a great benefit, if the little icons are only show, if there hold active item that match the current tiddler.
Mohammad use here different way to connect them, so it is possible to ONLY show (or show the number) of the icons as smart tabs if the item is tag by Current tiddler.

I presume that i have to change this macro in the content of the plugin in the beginning


Mohammad do somenthing similar here

\define BTcaption()
<$transclude tiddler={{$(currentTab)$!!icon}} mode=inline/><$count filter="[tag<currentTab>]"/>

After playing with it, finally I decide to ask the community…
Anyone ?


OK, one try…anybody?
tx in advance

Mehregan Edition : A PKM tool

Preparing a new release for next months. Stay tuned
This new release employes the most recent kookma plugins.

Some features. Mehregan now has a better Task manager.

  • alt + T create new task
  • due and priority on tiddler
  • done button and shorcuts to open Tasks explorer



I Love seeing you use the subtitle tag feature.

Re: Your done and Task Explorer
The fact is we do need more “addressable locations” to place buttons into the User Interface especially on tiddlers. Most importantly a set of tags to add items to those locations so any solution can work with other solutions.

  • Ie additional toolbars locations as one example

I am one hundered percent with you!


Hi @Mohammad ,
I’m unable to open the file via tiddloid on Android, is this a known issue?

Do you mean you (Mehregan — personal knowledge management app)?
It is a normal Tiddlywiki file and you should be able top open it.

Mehregan new release (not published yet) has a Journal book as announced here: A Journal Book: Display Journal Tiddlers on a Monthly Basis - Tips & Tricks - Talk TW (

Here’s what I mean. Other tiddlywiki HTML files don’t seem to be causing this problem.

Using Tiddloid 1.3.6 on Android, it works like a charm.

I also checked the demo page using Chrome+Android 12. They work fine.
So it seems Mehregan has not issue with Tiddliod or mobile browser (Android)

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The latest tiddloid version on f-droid is 2.2.0, could you please test with that and let me know if it works okay for you?

Works for me on 2.2.0.

Edited: Save does not work and the red window is seen.

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Hi @nav
I started with a clean TW 5.2.3.
I then installed plugins from kookma (including shiraz+favorites+utility+pikaday+kara)
I then installed thinkup from Mehregan

Save and load from Tiddloid 2.2.0, it works fine.

In new release of Mehregan I will add download empty.html and I hope then one can have a smoother addition of Meheragn on Tiddliod.

@Mohammad thanks! I will try adding those plugins from the base TW version.

In Mehregan 0.6.0 there is a Download Empty where you can download Mehregan vanilla.

There is a new update for Mehregan.

Demo and code

Release 0.6.0

  • Sep 4th, 2022
  • [NEW] A $:/config/EmptyStoryMessage is added to Thinkup
  • [NEW] Macros to handle $:/config/EmptyStoryMessage
  • [NEW] Pikaday was added to be used with tasks
  • [NEW] Tasks Explorer has a keyboard shortcuts to be opened in story river
  • [NEW] Tasks in Tasks Explorer can be filtered by schedule, completed, open , … criteria
  • [NEW] Task tiddlers have priority flag with color
  • [FIXED] Tasks Explorer table now works with Pikaday

Release 0.5.0

Release 0.3.0

  • July 7th, 2022
  • [NEW] Update to Tiddlywiki 5.2.2
  • [FIXED] prevent task button overlaps smart tab for empty task tiddler
  • [FIXED] prevent task button overlap fields, when view fields is on in Utility plugin

Release 0.2.6

  • Dec 17th, 2021
  • [NEW] Switch on/off Journal smart tabs
  • [NEW] The colored tag done added
  • [NEW] Tasks Explorer button on all Task tiddlers
  • [FIXED] On Journal tiddlers, Tasks only appears under journal tasks and not journal activities! before this, tasks were listed in both smart tabs.
  • [FIXED] Category tabs show sorted items by title
  • [FIXED] Code polished. Extra viewtemplates deleted
  • [FIXED] Font size of keywords in Keywords small tab decreased

Have just installed Mehregan, and am checking to see what might be missing to support my customary workflow (almost nothing, AFAICT, and it add so much more!)

The one thing i am missing and don’t know how to enable is that “References” table that i’m used to having at the bottom of every page -which i thought was a function of Shiraz, but i’m not seeing how to activate it.

NB: My last working instance had a ‘references.json’ file sitting in root folder of instance, so i copied that over and reloaded, but it didn’t seem to help.

Is there something else i can do to get this working?