Using Github Actions to build and publish TiddlyWiki automatically

This might be of interest to those of you that use TiddlyWiki on node.js and are already comfortable using Github for version control.

In a recent conversation with @Mohammad the topic of using Github Actions to build a TiddlyWiki from a wiki folder came up. As a result, I put together a quick guide to assist in getting started with this process.

The basic idea is that you push your wiki folder to a Github repository, where Github Actions build the single file version of TiddlyWiki for you and make it available at a public URL.

This could also be tweaked to use a private repository and only include a subset of tiddlers when publishing to a public URL. Or potentially to export a static site and publish that.


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I just want to add, you could also

Use the Innerwiki plugin to build and publish TiddlyWiki automatically

You choose which tiddlers will be included along with empty.html, open the innerwiki and select save, at least you can build a single file wiki this way.

Just to note that the InnerWiki technique is only useful if you want the user to be able to interact with the wiki before saving. If you’re just saving a snapshot with a given set of tiddlers it would be much easier to do it the usual way with the tm-download-file message.

I have this and it is used in TiddlyGit as template.

I also have PWA and terser setup.

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