How to get plugins from github?

Hi everyone

Soren has a 3click2edit plugin. I would like to add it to my standalone TW. But there is no demo site, only the plugin page on GitHub ( Where on the GitHub page do I get whatever it is I need so I can add the plugin to my standalone TW?

Soren uses the plugin in his zettelkasten

Thanks, Birthe! Although, I would also like an answer about how to use the ever (for me) incomprehensible GitHub.

Dave, I would like that too. But I saw that there were no releases published, no packages - but you could download the zip file and get all the tid files.

Yeah I tried downloading that zip file. That would probably be doable for those using node.js, but not for a standalone.

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I downloaded the individual tiddlers and ran them through node to create a plugin. It seems to work.

3click2edit-plugin.json (3.2 KB)

What I don’t understand is why the readme isn’t showing up properly.

This has JS and messes with the viewtemplate, so be sure to have a backup!

If you download the entire project as a zip file, you get a bunch of stuff not related to the plugin. I think.

What I did was to click through each file in the plugin (including the sub directory “tiddlers”) until I got to a version with the word “Raw”. Right click and save link as … to save the file some place before. There’s only 3 tiddlers so this is faster than downloading and extracting the entire project.

As @Birthe says, the developer hasn’t made a “release” which is a built in function of GitHub that allows a finished version to be downloaded.

So, you’re looking at source code in that repo for now, which is only useful for active development and using with NodeJS.

Saq wrote a bit about using GitHub Actions for building an entire TW:

Something similar could be used to automatically build releases for plugins on GitHub.

I’ll put it on my TODO list of documenting.

Hope that helps at least explain some background.

On the features in the 3click2edit plugin,

I have reinvented this a number of times, especially in package I call “Smart Show code” which displays the content of “code tiddlers” and allows click to edit. However being able to defeat this is also helpful if you want to select and copy code without editing.

My solution has no Javascript and can be distributed as a macro.

My point is if there is too many issues with supporting 3click2edit we could build an equivalent quite easily.

Not withstanding this, this thread stands on its own for the more general discussion "How to get plugins from github?"