[TiddlyTables] with dropdown menu options and icons?

how to create a table with TiddlyTables v0.6.21 — TiddlyTables - a TiddlyWiki plugin for building advanced sortable tables.
where we have the option to fill in a cell by given choices of a drop down menu ?


Is there a way to use icons in such a drop down menu ?
Thanks for your help

so is there a way to include in the code for

table options > Special columns > Anything > tbl-anything

also icons ??

<$select tiddler=<<currentRecord>> field="statuss" default=""><option value=''>Select...</option><option value='open'>open</option><option value='not started'>not started</option><option value='in-work'>in-work</option><option value='on-hold'>on-hold</option><option value='complete'>complete</option><option value='rework'>rework</option><option value='closed'>closed</option></$select>

would like to build with TiddlyTables something like framadate - a survey tool/form

like e.g. Sondage - test - Framadate

can someone help?


Welcome @session to the community.

I don’t have a specific answer or example but have a look around for editable tables.

The idea of icons in a dropdown is just another way to edit. Typically we use the select widget and this recent discussion SelectWidget Option - Maintain whitespace - #4 by TW_Tones talked about formatting the options in the dropdown, but it does not permit icons.

For tiddly tables we best ask the author @EricShulman

TiddlyTables is not one of mine! The plugin is named $:/plugins/aaldritch/tables, so I assume it was created by someone named “aaldritch”.

Sorry, Source found http://tiddlytables.tiddlyspot.com/

@session or instead you could look at dynamic tables in shiraz Shiraz Plugin Update 2.5.4 - 2.8.1

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thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile:
the Shiraz Plugin seams interesting and even uses the TiddlyTables plugin by Alan Aldrich. But I’m still not able to build in icons… is the option really included there?

I don’t know but it may be possible to control how you edit the field. What you want follows from there. @Mohammad may be able to answer that.

so it seams about to crate a template like this

Shiraz 2.9.0 — create stylish contents in Tiddlywiki


which works for cells link in the framdate example

@Mohammad can you help to build such a template - would give your plugin a great use case as a survey tool/form

so with TiddlyTables v0.6.21 — TiddlyTables - a TiddlyWiki plugin for building advanced sortable tables.

i created in a Column Template

the column


<$select tiddler=<<currentRecord>> field="vote" default=""><option value=''>...</option><option value='Yes'>Yes</option><option value='No'>No</option>$select>

Is there a way to replace “Yes” and “No” with icons ?

Look at the example of a dropdown for priority. (Search for this in Advanced search, and it should show up, since it’s a shadow tiddler in Shiraz):


It models how to set up a drop-down selection within a dynamic table — one that behaves well in edit and view mode, and includes icons for each option (in view mode).