Shiraz Plugin Update 2.5.4 - 2.8.1

Shiraz plugin just got a new update.


Before update carefully read the changelog.

Revision 2.5.4

  • Date: [2022.09.15]
  • [NEW] The priority field now uses numbers instead of phrases. So it is sortable now. See $:/plugins/kookma/shiraz/templates/body/priority. Task manager table shows the equivalent phrases e.g. “1” for “very low” priority
  • [FIXED] The tiddler clone column in dynamic table is not added by default now, manually add the tbl-clone into the list of fileds you passed to table-dynamic macro.
  • [FIXED] The $:/plugins/kookma/shiraz/templates/body/due-date has been modified to address the issue with date selection (see Wrong date in different time zone). The solution by Eric Shulman is much appreciated. The template now uses UTC date.



@Mohammad please have a look at this thread.

Perhaps this should already be the part of $:/plugins/kookma/viewtemplates/node-explorer-details. Cause it does not make sense to have an explorer in a single exported tiddler.

Hi @talha131

This is an example of using Shiraz and is not part of Shiraz plugin!

I think exporting tiddlers and creating static page is a different topic. I am sure this has been discussed before.
Please make search in forum and look for customizing export to html.

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There is a new update 2.5.6

Revision 2.6.0

  • Date: [2022.09.23]
  • [NEW] A new subplugin Shiraz-Formatter is added to provide text highlighter, editor snippets and buttons
  • [NEW] Highlighter macros (drop shadow highlight, pen highlight, and simple highlight) are added
  • [FIXED] The list-search has been improved. A default class used for better spacing
  • [FIXED] Improved documentation and new examples

Important Note: Shiraz Formatter is a new subplugin to add snippets and formatter button. See Shiraz Subplugin: Text Formatter - Plugins - Talk TW (


Hi Mohammad,

I recently installed Shiraz in my wiki and I think i have discovered a problem.

I now have trouble every time i edit my wiki in not diving down the rabbit hole of retro fitting the whole thing with badges.

Ooohhh… They look really good i think… I could just do… NOOOOOOOO…

:crazy_face: :smiley:

Shiraz has got a new update

Revision 2.6.5

!! Revision 2.6.5

  • ‘‘Date: [2022.10.12]’’
  • [NEW] Colorful Node Explorer is added
  • [New] Node Explorer back transclusion filter added.

The help from discussions in other threads by @Yaisog, @telumire, @atronoush, @saqimtiaz are highly appreciated.


@Mohammad I was just reviewing Shiraz and realised one thing that reduces my use is finding the details quickly when I need it. I realised that a cheat sheet with “minimal but sufficient information”, in a single tiddler would be helpful, and could be included in the plugin.

The tutorial is great for learning yet is appropriately, somewhat verbose. Cases such as “Alert with horizontal divider” is useful illustration but need not be mentioned in a cheat sheet because it is “just” using a --- or <hr> in the content.

  • I just thought I would mention this. because as a fan of Shiraz Wine and TiddlyWiki tools, I want everyone to benefit from your lovely work.
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Thank you
This suggestion. I added this to my to-do list. But the way I welcome any contribution in this regard

Shiraz has got a new update.

The Node Explorer has improved. Thank you @talha131

Revision 2.7.0

For all changes see ChangeLog


Shiraz just got a new update.

Code and demo

Revision 2.7.2

  • Date: [2022.12.27]
  • [NEW] Callout subplugin link is added on first page
  • [FIXED] Template $:/plugins/kookma/shiraz/templates/body/email correctly handles email addresses
  • [FIXED] The dblock is hidden in preview pane
  • [FIXED] Slider header changed from h2 to h3
  • [FIXED] Now styles for details are specific to Shiraz details, not global
  • [FIXED] Wikilink (e.g from CamelCase words) is disabled for slider and details title

For all changes see ChangeLog

Shiraz Callout is a cherrypicked from Shiraz 3.0

Demo: Shiraz Callout 0.5.2 — admonitions static and collapsible
Code: GitHub - kookma/TW-Shiraz: Shiraz is a small Tiddlywiki 5 plugin contains macros, stylesheets, templates, snippets, images, static tables, dynamic tables and acts as a starter kit.


Collapsible callout


@Mohammad can similar styling be added to section editor also ?

Yes, you can do it!
PR are welcome!

Hey all, callout-details is a powerful successor to telmiger’s details widget, and shares the advantage of being easily exported to static-html details markup.

Its only downside is that it’s not convenient for super-complex non-transcluded content. You’ll have to transclude anything other than simple text strings – or else do funny """ or <div> bookends if you want to jam multi-line dropdown-content into the same enclosing tiddler.

But it’s tremendously flexible, style-wise: it puts a variety of standard (yet of course configurable) “admonition” styles at your fingertips — both with and without details-collapsability.

If you’re interested enough in this, you may well be running telmiger’s details widget already. And converting to shiraz callout-details may take some time (going through to do excise/transclusion fixes as needed).

Minor problem for using both during transition: the css for telmiger’s details widget conflicts with css for Shiraz callout-details: callout-details summary bars render with text overlapping icons (and they also lose the visual caret-icon cue for collapsable GUI):


Quick solution: put the following in a tiddler tagged $:/tags/stylesheet, thus cancelling out the offending bit of telmiger’s css (whose negative text-indent causes both the icon overlap and the disappearance of caret-icon):

 details > summary {
   text-indent: 0em;


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Hi @Springer

I think the problem is with @telmiger details widget.
As we discussed, the $details has some styles for details html element! like



This affects all details elements in a wiki. I would recommend using name space here like



let’s see what Thomas thinks here!

Perhaps you did not see that I had already found the bit of responsible css in the details widget – and was posting the small bit of code needed to get the two solutions to play well together?

Hi @Springer

I saw your solution! but that solution affects all details in a wiki so it absolutely has side effects.

The callout plugin uses namespace for CSS styling! so, it works fine and does not change the styles of other details elements.
That problem is with $details widget plugin! You will have such problem in any wiki in that the $details widget has been installed.
It is not a good practice to change property of a standard html element globally! We only do this in stylesheet like normalize.css. So, please wait to see what @telmiger thinks on this.

Hi @Springer, thank you for exploring this and for providing a fix at the same time.

When I wrote the Details plugin, not all browsers were equally good at supporting the details HTML element. So the not so good practice mentioned by @Mohammad was a feature in my eyes at that time, fixing the quirks of browsers for all details elements in a wiki, hand written as well as generated by my widget.

I think Springer is on the right track by switching from my Details plugin to a – for her use – better and newer solution. Her temporary fix makes the transition smoother, so I am grateful for the comment and hope other people on the same path will find it.

Cheers and happy new year,

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The details widget did that and so much more! It has played an essential role in every project I’ve developed, for a few years now. I still think for some uses it’s the most powerful tool, since it’s very easy to generate and edit complex structures (including nesting details) all within the same tiddler.

Many thanks for chiming in!