Shiraz Plugin Update 2.5.4 - 2.8.1

It seems that there are still some css compatibility issues on ios, android phones have not been tested

Can you test Shiraz by the demo page on GitHub or install in an empty.html?
I am afraid other plugins like detail widget cause such behaviour!

I think it is also the problem of this widget

test-callout It seems that there is still this problem in the test in the empty tiddlywiki, callout plugins However this page is normal on ios

Shiraz and one of its children (Shiraz Formatter) have got new updates.

Revision 2.7.5

  • Mar 8th, 2023
  • [NEW] Dynamic table tags template has a new variable sv-exlude-tags to exclude specified tags from displaying in table
  • [NEW] Documents updated, new examples to quick table were added
  • [FIXED] Small typos in variable parameter in some code tiddlers. Thanks to Elise Springer.
  • [FIXED] The background color of mono macro now supports dark palettes.

Shiraz got a new update

Revision 2.8.1

  • Apr 2nd, 2023
  • [NEW] Dynamic table tbl-expand now supports the main Tiddlywiki editor in use
  • [NEW] Option added to Shiraz setting to select between simple text area or main editor for tbl-expand in dynamic table
  • [NEW] The cascades are supported by dynamic table, so the same behavior in story river can be seen when view the body of tiddler in dynamic table
  • [FIXED] Document for table-dynamic macro updated

Special thanks to @Springer for this release.

Code and demo

EDIT If you use Shiraz 2.8.0, please update to 2.8.1. There is a critical bug in tbl-expand in 2.8.0


To remove the default arrow that comes with the <summary> tag in Safari

details[data-callout] summary::-webkit-details-marker {
  display: none;

Thank you oeyoews
I have not installed Safari, but if your test shows the issue is gone, I add this to the Shiraz Callout stylesheet.

Yes, it totally works; browser compatibility issues are a real pain in the ass sometimes

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Added in Shiraz-Callout 0.7