Shiraz 3.0: Plan for the Next Major Release

Shiraz is among the common plugin in Tiddlywiki community. It is a small fraework and extends Tiddlywiki features by employing Bootstrap CSS framework and many macros for tables, images, cards, alerts, …

The next major release of Shiraz contains

  • Modular add-ons
  • Bootstrap 5.2.2 (the latest)
  • Improved modules (tables, images, cards, alerts, badges, buttons, accordions,…)

Report bugs

I would appreciate if you kindly report here any bug and issue or requested feature based on working Shiraz 2.5.6.


Please note that, I am keen to keep Shiraz as an integrated framework. Breaking down it to several independent plugins can cause maintenance difficult, and time consuming! But I am going to create some subplugins where it is possible.


I have one suggestion. Add transclusion backlinks support to node-explorer in Shiraz.

I noticed that the node explorer in Mehregan does it. And I copied the relevant code from there into my wiki.

Mehregan currently does not show tranclusion links though.

Or if you are open to the idea, I can open a PR that shows transclusion back and forward links. (Fingers crossed that my TiddlyWiki-fu will not fail me).

I am not sure whether you are interested in making dynamic tables a seperate add on to the Shiraz. But tiddlywiki definitely needs an actively maintained advanced dynamic table. I know of the tiddlytables and I use it extensively in my budget wiki. But it’s no longer actively maintened. We can’t blame the creator of that since he might be lacking enough time to update it. Till now it hasn’t shown any bugs. But I am interested in a few more features in it. So I don’t know how long I can keep on using it. So in case you are making Shiraz dynamic table a seperate add on, I will present my feature requests.

Shiraz 2.5.6 has already this feature!

Mehregan shows links to tiddlers transclude the currentTiddler (may be this back-transclusion similar to backlinks), the reverse is not implemented! I mean displaying what has been transcluded in the currentTiddler! Do you want this?

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Dynamic table in current state is really complex! I tried to keep it modular to be able to address reported bugs!
I believe if a volunteer with JS knowledge implements a dynamic table plugin, it would be much more simpler and faster than what I or Alan Aldrich have implemented using WikiText!

I have got already some requests like multi-columns sort, but these are really complex in WikiText!

My main purpose in updating Shiraz to Release 3.0 is

  • update bootstrap classes to 5.2.2
  • support for dark themes (right now most colorful components has color issue in dark mode)
  • use CSS variables to simplify styling
  • integrate my previous works like vertical tabs, grid templates, image gallery, sliders, … into Shiraz
  • address issues
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Ah! I need to update.

That would be cool. This would complete the “transclusion link types.”

You are welcome to submit a PR if you like!


Cherry-picked from Shiraz 3.0.0: Breadcrumb

Shiraz 3.0.0 has a view template to show breadcrumbs on demand. Just turn it on!


Cherry-picked from Shiraz 3.0.0: Bubble Notification

Shiraz 3.0.0 has Bootstrap classes and Tiddlywiki macros to show bubble notification. They are dynamic.


Cherry-picked from Shiraz 3.0.0: Card Group

Shiraz 3.0.0 has Bootstrap classes and Tiddlywiki macros to show cards in columns in a simpler way.


The cards work really well with Swiffy Slider too.

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Sgiraz 3.0 has all Bootstrap 5 alerts.

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Shiraz 3.0 admonitions.

A callout sub plugin which implements the MkDocs admonitions. The MkDocs is popular for creating professional static site.

Static callout

Acts like alerts in Shiraz, they are colorful sections.

Collapsible callout

These forms use the html5 details tag! So they work when tiddler exported as static html.


NOTE i: Both of these forms work when tiddler is exported as static page. So, you have the callout in your TiddlyWiki and when you make a static page.

NOTE ii: The new callouts support dark palettes in Tiddlywiki


Really looking forward to this! Any chance Shiraz 3 is releasing soon? :slight_smile:


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I am waiting for TW 5.3.0 release. I hope I can have some beta along with TW 5.3.0 more stable prerelease.

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Shiraz Callout of Shiraz 3.0 is published as a release candidate with Shiraz 2.7.2

For code and demo see: Shiraz Plugin Update 2.5.4 - 2.7.2 - #11 by Mohammad