[Release] Codemirror6 Plugin

Tiddlywiki Codemirror6 plugin’s autocompletion now supports tiddler preview, including pictures :tada:

NOTE: If you encounter an error about codemirror6 plugin, it is recommended to first check whether the codemirror6 plugin is the latest version.

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I have been writing the codemirror6 completion module for codemirror6 plugin for nearly two weeks, and it has added almost all features I want. I think the codemirror6 plugin is now very close to a stable state.

codemirror6 plugin demo link


I think the auto-complete production for widgets should produce

<$widget _></$widget>
(the underscore represents the cursor at the insertion point)


<$widget _/>

With the completion as it stands, there is more editing to do than working without autocomplete (editing is more disruptive than fluent typing).

On the whole, though, it’s looking really nice. :clap: I especially like the new FIND UI.

One question: can the autocomplete be triggered by keyboard, manually?

Hi @oeyoews this is looking great, congratulations.

I think I missed some earlier posts – does this build on the earlier CM6 plugin that @BurningTreeC made? Is it a fork, or are you collaborating on a single codebase?

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The default trigger is ctrl+space, which will of course be affected by the minimum completion length.

Which is what I thought. But it’s not working on the demo for [[Gett_]]Ctrl+space is not working at the insertion point here.

Yes, At first I just wanted to add vimmode on the basis of CM6. Later I started to use moderndev to create a repo and rewrite it using typescript (in order to have a better development experience), mainly adding cm6 editor autocompletion

The GettingStarted tiddler is system tiddler in vanilla tiddlywiki, and the auto-completion filters the system tiddlers by default.

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Both situations are possible. In fact, this can be better accomplished with the help of lang-tiddlywiki , but the current lang-tiddlywiki progress is not optimistic.

In fact writing personal code snippet is a better option.

support indent maker now.

Am I correct in assuming CM5 will need to be completely removed (and all sub-plugins) before installing CM6?

The suggestion is to delete all related plugins of cm5 (if you don’t need them), but in fact there is no conflict between cm5 and cm6.

codemirror6 plugin has a builtin a pluginlibrary now.


codemirror6 plugin has an option to enable system tiddler completion


Support Ctrl-J and Ctrl-K to move completion items(like arrow key) now.

tiddlywiki cm6 plugin is now adding link preview function


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Thank you for sharing! The plugin size is a concern, is it possible to micronize it and let users decide on features they like and install by demand?
Also it would be great if it works with the autocomplete plugin from EvidentlyCube, as it has a very flexible structure and lets you configure it for fields.

for the plugin size, I currently think there is no way to achieve the same as cm5. cm6 requires the use of a build system. The minimum size of cm6 can be reduced to about 600 to 700kb. If some built-in themes or extensions are added, it will be larger. cm6 scalability is very powerful, just like another tiddlywiki

I just took a look at the completion plugin of EvidentlyCube. The completion module of cm6 can completely replace it and has better scalability.

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