Link Preview hypertext technique

Has there ever been a implementation of “link preview” for TiddlyWiki? See these two examples:

Andy Matuschak - Evergreen notes

When you hover over a link on his website, it shows a segment of the referenced note

Wikipedia - TiddlyWiki

When you hover over a link on Wikipedia, you can view a small snippet, known as a page preview.

I put this in the cafe category as I’m more interested in what people think are the implications of having this feature. My memory tells me this is also a feature in Roam, but I’m not sure?

This technique of hovering or clicking to show more content (code folding) is our modern implementation of Ted Nelson’s StretchText (opinion).


Yes, the appear and preview plugins by Tobias. I also wrote up a way to do it for static html exports. See my TiddlyWiki toolmap for links. TiddlyWiki toolmap - Dynalist

A minor issue with that is you can’t resize it for your eminence with his doggy …

What you can get is the half-family …

Screenshot 2022-05-13 104839

Also it is awkward on touchscreens.

Just a comment, TT :smiley:

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Yes, and I remember the static popup solution having some other issue. Not the best way to go if you can avoid it.

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I think @linonetwo has done something aswell

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That is swell!

To me it’s a little like CamelCase linking. At first it seems like a really neat idea that will save a lot of time, but then later you find it to be mostly an annoyance that gets in the way of your actual reading.


At times I find it useful to be able to see the content of a linked tiddler without interrupting the flow of my reading. However, I prefer opening the linked tiddler in another story or in a popup for a quick look rather than a preview on hover. This allows looking at both tiddlers together if need be, or using one as a reference for the other.



Ohh that’s quite cool.

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This is really cool. Which plug-in is that, if you don’t mind sharing.
Thank you.

One of my favorite words! I use it often and afraid it shows my age.

@rkashyap Saq's Sandbox — Experimental doodads

@saqimtiaz Just tried Links Context Menu plugin. I like it, but have a question. The open in new window only shows a blank window for those tiddlers whose display depends on a custom ViewTemplate. How can I fix this?

Dragging the SQPL link from Saq's Sandbox — Experimental doodads to my file, or to empty.html, does not work. I only get the SQPL tiddler. No system or shadow tiddlers. What do I do?

Follow the instructions and adapt or create your own menu entry: Saq's Sandbox — Experimental doodads

The instructions are in that very tiddler: Saq's Sandbox — Experimental doodads

That’s what I am saying, I followed the instructions

Hi Dave!

There’s a step you’re missing. After you drag and drop the SQPL tiddler, go to settings → plugins → get more plugins. Pick the “SQ Plugin Library” tab. Then “Open the library”. From the drop-down list, find and install “Links Context Menu”. Then save and reload.

Thank you, Mark! That was what I needed to understand, the “Get more plugins” part. I thought it was going to be listed below that in the tabs.

The instructions for usage are equally confusing. I made a target tiddler with text, and a second tiddler with the link to the target tiddler. When I hover or click on the link in the second tiddler, I don’t see a dropdown, and it doesn’t matter if I hold ctrl down or not. Also there is a settings tab in the plugin that is empty.

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