[INTRO] Advanced Search Plus (ASP) - for advanced users and developers

Advanced Search Plus (ASP)

The ASP-plugin is part of the WikiLabs Suite of TiddlyWiki tools that allows users to save search inputs with ease. It aims to provide a minimal UI for power users and developers.




The image below shows an overview where to find the new options.

Save a System Search

The following image shows an example how a system-search can be saved.

WikiLabs Suite

The WikiLabs Main Page gives an overview about all editions, plugins and themes.

There is an Introduction Video how to make the WikiLabs Plugin Library available in your own wikis, accessible from the ControlPanel → Plugins → Get More Plugins dialogue.

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About Open Source

Most open source software is free of charge and that’s a good thing! But that does not mean, that there are no costs for someone else to create, support and maintain it.

So if you use it: Support it!

Have fun!

PS: The Bundler Plugin works well with the: [INTRO] Bundler-plugin allows you to create "export/import" configurations and save them as a bundle

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Advanced Search Plus (ASP) latest Version

V 0.4.0 - 2023-01-01

  • fix standard search-template to work with latest TW version
  • fix automatic tab-switching problems
  • improved code readabilty
  • improved new search-tab UI
  • update copyright info
  • new shadow search icon
  • update to TW version v5.2.5

Full history can be found at Advanced Search Plus — adds powerfull search tools


You may be interested in Mohammad’s Advanced Search in Fields Plugin: New Updates


Excellent little plugin Mario. Love the simple UI.

Couple of things…

  1. Would be a good idea to clear the caption field after the save search button is clicked? It’s kind of easy to overwrite a saved search if one isn’t paying attention.

  2. A quick/simple way to export/copy the saved search tabs to a different wiki? Or, in the interim, a bundle/filter to achieve the same thing?

Very neat. Saving searches can be a great timesaver!
If I could improve one thing, it would be to add tooltips to the icons.

Have a nice day

Thanks for the feedback. … Both of you.

I did create 3 new issues, so the ideas are not forgotten.

While working to improve the bundler I was also thinking about this: [Idea] Make it easy to work together with the bundler-plugin · Issue #134 · wikilabs/plugins · GitHub .

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