[INTRO] Bundler-plugin - Export, Import, Bookmark and Manage Tiddler Stories

grafik The Bundler Plugin

allows you to Improve your export / import workflow

  • Create export configurations and save them as a bundle
  • Use an improved import workflow enabled by bundles
  • Automatically rename imported tiddlers, if they already exist
  • Automatically rename content, that is pasted from the clipboard.
    • image.png is renamed to image YYYY-0MM-0DD, 0hh:0mm:0XXX.png
    • Untitled is renamed to Clipboard YYYY-0MM-0DD, 0hh:0mm:0XXX
    • Since image.png depends on the browser language setting, the behaviour can be configured


There are 2 bundler configurations


The Right Sidebar got a new tab: Bundles, which allows easy export and fast access to the configuration

Every tiddler got a new Bundles tab in the tiddler (i)nfo area, which allows you test the bundle configuration by copying them to the AdvancedSearch → Filter tab and also has access to the export button.

Configuration Options


Filtered Bundles configurations are compatible with the core predefined filters, which can be selected from the AdvancedSearch → Filter tab. So all your “filtered configurations” will also show up there too.

WikiLabs Suite

The WikiLabs Main Page gives an overview about all editions, plugins and themes.

There is an Introduction Video how to make the WikiLabs Plugin Library available in your own wikis, accessible from the ControlPanel → Plugins → Get More Plugins dialogue.

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About Open Source

Most open source software is free of charge and that’s a good thing! But that does not mean, that there are no costs for someone to create, support and maintain it.

So if you use it: Support it!

Have fun!

PS: The bundler works very well with the [INTRO] Advanced Search Plus (ASP) - for advanced users and developers


Bundler Plugin Latest Version

V 1.1.0 - 2023-11-15

  • Add “caption” field handling to - Right Sidebar: Bundles Tab
  • Improve Tooltips for Links and Caption-links

V 1.0.0 - 2023-11-09

  • Introduce basic stroy related functions
  • Filtered bundles ViewTemplate gets a DETAILS element
  • CTRL-clic on sidebar OpenAdvancedSearch will open tiddlers in the story instead
  • CTRL-SHIFT opens the list plus the config tiddler in the story river
  • Make Sidebar Tabs icons configurable
  • Add a “filter search” text input in the Bundles sidebar

Full details can be found at the bundler main page


Hi folks,

The bundler plugin got new functions some days ago. It’s now V 0.5.0 - 2023-02-02

  • improve icon and link tooltips and aria labels

  • Add dragable icon to right sidebar

    • image
  • Allow the standard bundles to preview the list in AdvancedSearch

    • image
  • Add dragable icons / buttons to tiddler info area


Hi folks,
I did just update the bundler plugin and pushed the version to 1.0.0 - 2023-11-09

What’s New in V1.0.0

  • Bundle tiddlers are now type: text/vnd.tiddlywiki using the field code-body: yes
  • Bunder lists can be filtered now
  • CTRL-click … will open the configured bundle in the story river
  • CTRL-SHIFT-click … will open the list below the bundle-tiddler to show them all
  • Right sidebar buttons can be configured now.

New Bundler Type

  • The bundle tiddlers are type: text/vnd.tiddlywiki now
  • They contain a field: code-body: yes

This allows the relink-plugin to rename tiddler titles in the bundler configurations out of the box.

Filtered Input

Open in Story – Open List Below

Visibility Settings

have fun!

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Hi folks,
I did just update the bundler plugin and pushed the version to 1.1.0 - 2023-11-15

What’s New in V1.1.0

  • Add “caption” field handling to - Right Sidebar: Bundles Tab
  • Improve Tooltips for Links and Caption-links


have fun!


YOU are a star!

The Bundler has proved to be one of the most useful plugins TW has.

It gives wings to content export/import.

It is also great for fine-grained development of new TWs by ability to easily select, and archive, all-but-only what you need for quicker wiki-building.

The new version adds yet more good, easy to use, features.

Kudos, TT

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Easily, 100% agree. I use it many times a day.

(Good to see you posting again, TT)

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