Installing Plugins on TIddlywiki + Node.JS: Help for Better Documentation

There is difficulty in installing plugins on Node.JS, specially for new comers! This wiki post is an invite for collecting comments/ideas/instructions for simpler installing and working with plugins on Tiddlywiki + Node.JS .

I have been using the below instruction. For example for new Section Editor Plugin

If still needs further help, then open another tiddler:

See the full doc here:

Section Editor — create, edit, fold, manage sections

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I honestly think that for non-core plugins we should just tell users to install via drag and drop or via a plugin library.


I use the environment variables as discussed in: and point them to the plugin directories where I did download 3rd party plugins.

So every tiddlywiki instance will find them if I use the plugin in No need to add them to any wiki directory structure and updates will be global too.

I myself use this method! one other benefit is when updating Tiddlywiki (specially by downloading prerelease), your editions/plugins are there and working!

Why is there the difference between local and global layout? Any reason to not combine the patterns?

@pmario it looks like env paths want to have “global” layout i.e. includes publisher name?

It’s hard to contribute to a wiki that is all screenshots, but I think the “More on Client Server Installation” docs, after some tweaks for universality and grammar, would make a fine addition to

Mark, I have given link to GitHub and wiki page! See bottom of post above!

A local means it only works for one specific wiki!
Using ENV variable and putting plugin under tiddlywiki/plugins/publisher are both global!

I understand why there are two modes. So why use two different directory layouts? Can we change local to use the same publisher/plugin pattern?

This is what caused issues for me — I was running local mode but kept seeing docs for global mode.

I think you don’t need to add the plugin to the file if you install it locally (I never did that). So section III. Add plugin to file should be a sub-section of I. Global installation.

It only depends on your directory structure. … The publisher name is just a convention. In reality it is a subdirectory name. See: GitHub - wikilabs/plugins: TW5 plugins: … This path would be part of the environment variable. …

My plugins will be included with wikilabs/<plugin-name> … because the directory is named “wikilabs” … that’s it.

My relink env is: E:\git\tiddly\tw5-relink\plugins … the directory is relink only. So my looks as follows. … relink has no publisher prefix. … But for my own plugins I want to have them.

	"plugins": [

That’s true! good catch!

Right. But we can’t edit the wiki here to any effect. I guess if the document was changed to markdown, then everyone could edit. Then later it would have to be changed back. But of course some of the formatting would be lost going back and forth.

Here’s a tiddler with various grammatical and spelling fixes. I didn’t move the instructions on setting up because there are various ways to approach that. Personally, I would move it up under “global” as item 4.
more-info-on-nodejs-plugins.json (3.7 KB)



I just noticed that the part of the tiddler like this:

Here add <code><<shortName>></code>

produces a blank after “add”. I’m not sure what the intention was.

Edit 2:

Made a PR.

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Here are my suggestions, which I also posted in a Refnotes GitHub Issue (unfortunately also not editable):