Install Third Party Plugins: Standalone (single html) and Client-Server (Tiddlywiki on Node.js)

This wiki post describes how to install third party plugins in Tiddlywiki.

Instruction have been given in the below links (As sample Section Editor has been used for demo)


3.Markumentary — Documenting the undocumentable in TiddlyWiki

Talk posts

1.Installing Plugins on TIddlywiki + Node.JS: Help for Better Documentation
3.Installing exotic plugins on node.js
4.Problem installing shiraz plugin on node.js server
5.[tw5] Installing plugins on node.js installation

Dear all

  • I have revised the installation procedure of third party plugins in Tiddlywiki
  • I have discussed install packaged plugin using drag and drop and plugins library
  • I have discussed install plugin folder on Tiddlywiki + Node.js
    • Local installation
    • Global installation

As an example I used these instructions to install Section Editor


  1. give a try
  2. share your thoughts here
  3. download the wiki, edit the tiddlers and share here as JSON

For attention of those who discussed this topic in above reference posts! @Mark_S, @Taltessy, @jypre, @ahollar, @deshmukh, @saqimtiaz, @pmario, @boris