--- I'll Be Back --- Story Backdrop

Hi folks,
There has been a post _canonical_uri windows height setting which reminded me of a configuration which I wanted to create for quite some time.

An “Empty Story Backdrop”, which is fast to configure.

and can fill the whole area

The attachment contains 4 tiddlers.

  1. $:/config/empty-story-backdrop … contains the sidebar tab
  2. $:/config/EmptyStoryMessage … contains the tiddler that is shown in the StoryRiver
  3. $:/config/emtpy-bigger-text … line 1
  4. $:/config/emtpy-big-text … line 2

back-in-5-minutes-backdrop-experiment.json (1.4 KB)

Have fun!

PS: There is quite some room for improvement. eg:
PSS: I think a much more productive backdrop could be a ToDo list with some open tasks, which shows up whenever the river is empty. So there is some time for … :wink:


I think it is more appropriate to use Empty Story as the homepage of the website, Or used to randomly display tiddler(s), or display today’s journal


That’s right. As I wrote in the PS and PPS :wink: There is room for improvements.

I personally don’t get tired to randomly read stuff like this on a private facing or even public facing page.

There is enough space at the footer of the page to add some clickable links