Apply template to your new tiddler, A Template-List plugin

I always hope I can make some GTD, todo, project management templates, and apply them with just a click.

So I made this simple plugin that will list all tiddlers tagged with $:/tags/TextEditor/Template below your new tiddler. And you can search for the template you want, and apply it to the new tiddler with a click.

(see the example template listed here, with cover image and icon from the Gk0Wk/notionpage-covericon plugin)

(after click, the content is auto pasted into the new tiddler)

I think this will probably solve New Tiddler and New Journal Templates for @Mohammad



When you have many templates:

list have opacity when not hovered:

Hover list to scroll it:

And there are previews for templates.

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Updated link: GitHub - tiddly-gittly/template-list: Show a list of template when you create a new tiddler 在新建条目时展示一系列可用模板