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1/ Tools for Thought help us develop workflows that increase the value of our personal knowledge system.
As our skills advance with these tools, the value of our system increases, but unfortunately, also the complexity.
This is why it is important to document workflows.

  1. x Readwise Clip from source , 保存到本地 TiddlyWiki · Issue #845 · webclipper/web-clipper · GitHub has been long halted
  2. x Block annotation ,need a new block level indexer and ^blockId syntax
  3. √ highlight and process and spaced repetition , fishing plugin can regarded as a progressive highlight, and is better than traditional highlight
  4. √ template Apply template to your new tiddler, A Template-List plugin
  5. √ tiddler level backlink
  6. √ fields
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Obsidian has an amazing number of features that require a plugin in TiddlyWiki:

  • Automatic saving
  • Advanced MarkDown
    • Checkboxes
    • Tables
    • References (separate citations)
    • Folding bulleted text (Similar to Streams)
  • Built-in alias mechanism
  • Auto-complete of links
  • Automatic re-linking
  • Pasted images automatically externalised
  • Pasted web text automatically converted to MarkDown
  • Web extension (3rd party) that will copy Markdown AND download related image files.
  • Smart Edit/preview (everything rendered except current line/block)
  • Folding Sections
  • "Transclude " sections of text like we used to have in TWC (i.e. block references)
  • Info/Alert/Note call-outs
  • Full Apps for Android and iPhone
  • Side-by-side notes

The main strike against it is that it isn’t open source. But the data itself is stored as .md files (plus supporting image/pdf files), so is fairly portable.

Obsidian also has built-in access to a community plugin library, so you don’t have to go rummaging around the net to find things.

I feel that there are certain features that are so essential to the working of TW that they really ought to be in the official library – some sort of WYSIWYG, relink, HTML conversion.

@Mark_S agreed, but perhaps it goes without saying almost all of these things can already be done in tiddlywiki either directly in wikitext, widgets and macros or plugins.

  • I don’t want people thinking we can’t already do these things.
  • And by TiddlyWikis nature I could list hundreds of things you Can’t do with Obsidian

But I totally agree they would be best available out of the box where possible, because this is what people want, as demonstrated by Obsidian.

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√ Clipper A Web Clipper browser extension for NodeJS wiki
√ Block annotation PR to be review

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