What are your favorite tiddler templates?

I’d like to provide some handy templates for new users, so they can use Apply template to your new tiddler, A Template-List plugin to generate complex new tiddlers.

Can you share your most used templates, and maybe allow me to package them into a plugin?

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When you say template, are you talking about view/edit template or text snippets ?

I have a template that I use to curate videos on one of my wiki, it has several fields that I can use to fill out info on a given channel.

Is this the kind of thing you’re looking for?

There are at least a dozen possible uses for the word template in tiddlywiki. There is content, transcludable and view or edit templates to name a few. All can be delivered to all tiddlers and many are made conditional.

We could have a tiddler template which you clone to a new tiddler or one just with text field content used in new tiddler buttons.

A new tiddler could just have a field set to the template name such as todo then the details are applied through the view template.

Since the cascade mechanisium was introduced you can even conditionaly use different view and edit templates altogether and more.

Acturally I mean text snippet that used to initialize a new tiddler, with $template in <$action-createtiddler $basetitle="base" $template="ActionCreateTiddlerWidget Template"/>

Yes, your video library is a good example about using a template to speed up recording.

Yes, TW is so meta, so templates every where…

Maybe I should call it “new tiddler template”?


Never was a truer statement made about our beloved TiddlyWiki…


not sure if this is useful but i use a button which creates a tiddler populated with two fields from a named tiddler (and the named tiddler actually has checkboxes which can specify the contents of those fields)

<$button style="width:16%;height:20px;border-color:transparent;font-size:14px"><$action-sendmessage $message="tm-new-tiddler" text="" learn-deck={{{[title[choose-learn-deck]get[learn-deck]]}}} learn={{{[title[choose-learn-deck]get[day-month-year]]}}} se-type="" />new</$button>

Ok, I see. I packaged the relevant tiddlers in this json file, the template tiddler is named
“ChannelTemplate”, thus :

<$action-createtiddler $basetitle="base" $template="ChannelTemplate">
<$action-sendmessage $message="tm-edit-tiddler" $param=<<createTiddler-title>>/>
Create a new channel

Will create and open a tiddler tagged with “channel”, which will trigger the edit and view templates for adding/displaying a youtube channel.

ChannelTemplate.json (8.7 KB)

Demo video
Try it here (codepen iframe)

Thank you all! Very interesting!

I assume finally we will have a simple UI and from there we can select the new tiddler type and press a button or just click on the type to create such tiddler using a predefined template (tiddler).

I think this can be distributed as JSON package or plugin (Ghata makes it delicious) and user can select among of tens of useful predefined templates.

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How could have it all? Easy end use?

Just a query.

If you are asking if this “template” for youtube channel can be declined for other kind of template, then yep - that’s why I added a sidebar editor, I planned to add other templates with a select box. The idea was to have a simple form that you can customize to display and edit data contained in fields easily. I dont know if I will ever get around that thought so I’m very glad that @linonetwo is willing to share his work on that topic !

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Apologies for the necropost, but I am very grateful to you for a real life example of the EditTemplate cascade creating a new “content type” (which isn’t a content-type)

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