Use {% foobar %} as official “reserved syntax”?

Thumbs up if agree or what are your suggestions?

Thanks @poc2go.

Just to add that a reasonable way to action this idea would be to add a note to and also to add a test which parses text that includes the strings {% and %}, and verifies that a plain text node is returned.

I did change the title of this thread, since I think “escape syntax” is occupied by “regexp string manipulation” functions. So it is a bit confusing.

IMO {% text %} should just be guaranteed, to not be used by future TW versions, since the Node-Red TW Server needs it.

So it also should not be used by other 3rd party plugins, in a different way than the Node-Red TW server uses it. Because this will cause compatibility problems.

If we officially announce that

  • {% node red %} is reserved for a 3rd party project and it will never be used by TW

  • we should also announce that (= formula =) is reserved, because it is used by the formula-pluign,

    • which we IMO should adopt as a core plugin.

just some thoughts.


Love the formula plugin.
If it worked with the graphing plugin and possibly some of mathcell that would make for a very nice maths edition!

Back on topic, yes, reserve those {% (= :slight_smile: