Transform MarkDown to Tiddlywiki WikiText

After you copy a markdown content using web-clipper , and paste into your wiki, you may want it to be tw5 wikitext so you can use section editor with it.

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Now you can just click on a button, and that tiddler’s content just turns into tw5 wikitext!

This is powered by GitHub - tiddly-gittly/md-to-tid: Transform markdown to tiddlywiki5 wikitext syntax. Using unifiedjs. , if you fond any issue, just rise issue there.


Absolutely amazing!
This is a wonderful plugin!

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Thanks a lot! We have a workflow for our workshops that starts by using Hypothesis and HedgeDoc to annotate the web and create real time notes and we take some Markdown notes and put them into our inter+personal wikis. This tool can smooth such workflow a lot.

Very nice, indeed!

I’m looking forward to trying to adopt such a workflow and would appreciate any more suggestions you might care to make.

Thanks for your interest. The workflow combined all those tools is documented in detail inside a TW instance with a series of activities in learning project in our Holónica Wiki. Unfortunately, they’re only in Spanish. I imagine that the tiddlers can be translated in some automatic service, like the excellent DeepL.

They’re under a permissive license (also in Spanish), that allow you to make translations and reuse of the content gratis for personal use or even for profit if you’re an individual, a solo merchant, member of a workers owned cooperative or a small/medium business owner, as long as you keep the same license for derivated works.

We don’t have any resources to make complete translations. But if/when we do, I will be sharing them here. Also, let me know if you or anyone is interested in doing such translations.

Meanwhile I’ll be sharing here the software and documentation I write in English and I’m open to answer questions about our procedures, that has been the informal way to document back in English what we are doing in Spanish (vi community post and answering question).

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This is used in A Web Clipper browser extension for NodeJS wiki to auto transform HTML → Markdown → WikiText before save to your wiki!