Tiddlywiki is Used For Documentation in DWSIM

DWSIM is an open source Chemical Process Simulator!
It is nice to see they started to use Tiddlywiki for documentation!

See the bottom of this page



Hi @Mohammad — thanks for sharing. I put this in the new #showcase category.

Whenever I see interesting applications of TiddlyWiki in academia like this, I wonder what else can TiddlyWiki and the wider community offer besides better documentation? A more portable and simplified scientific computing notebook environment for example (might even complement Jupyter notebooks instead of competing with them), collaboration medium, an open alternative to all the myriad cloud hosted project management tools. Possibilities are endless. Worth exploring further.


I’m planning to use TW in conjunction with Lepiter from GToolkit, so the first can be our “(web) publishing platform” and the second can be our “(desktop) computing platform”. You can see more in this thread: TiddlyWikiPharo and critical code/data literacy curriculum. As @jeremyruston said there, they are orthogonal (but important common principles expressed in different ways, as told on that thread).

Programming, data manipulation and custom UI/UX can be done on Pharo/GT, and web publishing would be on TW. For that, improved WikiText parsers and interfaces need to be build, so Tiddlers can be edited directly inside TiddlyWikiPharo in a more friendly way and conversions between Markdown and WikiText are possible (but I have just started to learn parsers and I’m not a computer scientist or professional programmer). I also would like to export GT graph in TW using ECharts + TW. It will be a joyful exploration. We need to address some projects before this year, focusing on PDF reporting for data storytelling and social media. But because we are already using GT as our main computing environment and TW as our wiki engine, those experiments should improve the connection of TW and Pharo/GT ecosystems and communities.