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Oooh, well done. Mahalo for taking the time to prototype this & for integrating other plugins to the library. Really good idea!

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Thank you @joshuafontany
The next step will be to work on notifications for plugin updates, as well as new plugins available via the library.

It is my hope that the learnings from this process can inform discussions around the idea of a community plugin library in the coming months.


Just back online after ~2 weeks unplugged: what a nice homecoming surprise!
Installed, tested… Delivers all that is promised, and the UX is perfectly seamless, AFAICT.
Nice one, Saq!


Hello Saq,
sorry for the delay. Due to the restart of school I had to take a timeout in this group.

it would be a pleasure to see my tiny addon included there, but I fear it is coded to unorthodox to be transformed into a plugin.

As it is was intended to be an addon to a plugin, I tried to reduce the number of tiddlers to the least possible, resulting in a some strange constructions. Fast Freddy did a better job, and the resulting export is far better than mine.

So would rather do a mod of his plugin than publish my own.

Best wishes Jan


Why would I still do a mod? I miss two features in Fred Fusion-Plugin:

-A delete stream switch when exporting as a new tiddler and

-the option to export as simple paragraphs, without any bullets.


Howdy Jan; credits to you for the ideas. And you still have the better icon :wink:

I think the “delete stream” exists in Streams fusion: you can choose to replace the original content with the fused stream, which results in the former content being replaced (the same effect as same as exporting the fused streams to new and then deleting the original, in practice). Let me know if you feel otherwise…

For #2, I think that can be done; I have to figure out a tri-state toggle switch that lets the user specify bullets, numbered bullets or paragraphs. Will look into it…
something like: https://codepen.io/goldsteinr/pen/ftysC

Salut Freddy,
the threestate toggle looks great.
and perhaps you are right and the appendfunction is enough.

best wishes Jan

Or… use a <select> and get the styling/CSS for free. :wink:

I am almost embarrassed to ask, but I am having a problem play testing Streams from the SQPL on pre-release (does not seem tied to the library install, same issue if directly adding the plugin), and am wondering if I am doing something wrong. I seem to be causing an issue when deleting a Streams node.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. using TiddlyDesktop, create a new TiddlyWiki - prerelease
  2. drag’n-drop SQPL from SQ Plugin Library — TiddlyWiki plugins
  3. through the settings->plugins->get more plugins->SQPL, install Streams, save and reload
  4. create a test tiddler, add two nodes
  5. delete the test tiddler

this error shows up:

The same steps in 5.1.23 do not result in the same problem.

Thanks in advance!

@fastfreddy You have found a core bug in the pre-release introduced by this PR:

Good timing on the catch, I’ll submit a fix later today.

Edit: fix submitted.

Hi again @JanJo; am getting ready to upgrade Streams-fusion to include a simple paragraph export. I was curious to know what is your preference in terms of hierarchy? Should we just flatten all levels of nodes into a \n\n(wikitext) or <p> (html) list then, or would you prefer a <p> hierarchy in raw html even if visually that is likely indistinguishable?

I have also managed a simple yet effective export to markdown capability using the turndown library; I have a feeling a lot of folks will be interested in that feature (quite possibly beyond streams-fusion; I may have to split that feature and release for non-stream users). There are still a few quirks to iron out that I may need help with, but early results are impressive.

My pipeline takes the HTML raw output to generate the markdown, so the wikitext is rendered first; maybe that will make the markdown conversion less interesting. Still…

first image is native wikitext in Streams; second is the fused markdown tiddler.

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Right. IMO, simple point, updating for changes in the easiest way possible is very much on target. Hats off to you for caring!


Hi Freddy,
great to see you making progress. My version is a little asleep, and I told Saq to recommend only yours.
I am definitely in favor of a wikitext-solution.

best wishes Jan

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@saqimtiaz I think you should add back the double click editor to exit feature as a configurable option. I think it would be better to have that feature than not have it. One thing which went against double click editor to exit was that it may conflict with text selection using double click, but text selection can be done by Drag selection or keyboard shortcuts also. Also the number of times we may need double click to exit editing will be far more than number of times we may need double click to select text .

Swipe to indent/unindent could also be brought back to the plug in with visual feedback. I had shared my suggestion in github sometime back. If the swipe is of sufficient distance, indent or unindent is triggered. If the swipe is shorter, just like in WhatsApp for iOS , show options like context menu, indent/unindent etc. and select which ever is needed.

I am afraid this will not be introduced. There were several usability concerns with it and having extra configurable options incurs an overhead in terms of code maintenance and performance.

I will consider this if I find the time and motivation to work on new features for Streams, though my focus is unlikely to be on mobile UX.


Any possibility of monaco editor support for streams in the future

If support for any more editors is to be added, we would need to drop the features that involve knowing where the caret is in the editor.

For example:

  • backspace at the beginning of a node to merge with the previous node
  • splitting a node at the caret on enter, etc

None of the editors provide the necessary information for these features to work, and adding these features to them manually and maintaining that isn’t sustainable. Truth be told, I regret adding support for codemirror. It has made the codebase more brittle and harder to maintain.


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