Shiraz Plugin: Partial Update - Stay Tuned

Shiraz, one of the most used plugins, will get an update soon!

One interesting feature of quick tables in Shiraz is being able to create a checklist or a tiny todo! list.
In the next release more examples will be added. Look out for the example of a small interactive check list.


The good news is Shiraz is in pure WikiText


The small “todos” can be anywhere inside a tiddler. There is no need to use a separate tiddler, or use a special part of the tiddler, for them.


Have you seen the Shiraz tutorial? If no, visit Shiraz 2.4.6 — create stylish contents in Tiddlywiki

Quick Tables

Have you tried the quick tables of Shiraz? They are totally different from Shiraz dynamic tables! If not visit Shiraz 2.4.6 — create stylish contents in Tiddlywiki

  • Math and nomenclature in Shiraz + quick table is piece of cake


TiddlyWIki is amazing! What would you say when you have a TiddlyWIki with Shiraz ? :wink:

Cheers! :smiley:



@Mohammad … Please do not misuse the comment syntax. This can and probably will bite us hard in the future.

Comments may be excluded from other 3rd party plugins that export or compress content, which imo is legit.

So this can cause bad compatibility problems.

Here is the HTML COMMENT spec HTML Standard … Especially see point 2

  1. Optionally, text, with the additional restriction that the text must not start with the string “>”, nor start with the string “->”, nor contain the strings “<!--”, “-->”, or “--!>”, nor end with the string “<!-”.

The TW parser will use this spec if any problems with comments come up. … There are some restrictions to the text that can be inside a comment and violations may cause problems.

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Yes, that’s right!

Here a captioned form of comments are used: <!---id.
The reason is they are naturally hidden and here when you code, you put your todos inside comments! That is why I used them!

I know I can use a div or section with a class its display set to none!

Please don’t … It will cause problems. … Trust me.

It will also limit the future development of the core, if we need to take care about elements that can safely be ignored otherwise.

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One question: In programming writing codes with enough comments to explain how the code is written or what is every variable is good practice and very recommended!

Do you think in TiddlyWIki, we have cases where core or third party plugins remove the comment blocks??

Yes, but it can safely be removed if the program is compiled, or compressed.

I don’t know if flibbles uglify plugin does remove comments. … But it needs to be possible to do so in the future. So it doesn’t matter, if we ignore it now. …

We do already ignore it in the TW parse-tree. So there is no possibility to cache the content and may be other limitations which may have an impact on the performance.

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Thank you for your explanation Mario!

Sorry. … I didn’t want to hinder your creativity. … There may be a possibility once the PR landed in the core. Which will be after v5.2.3 is released

It will include the possibility to create user-defined wikitext-widgets. See the heading Custom Widgets in the first post.

The names of user defined widgets must start with the prefix $.

BUT we are not sure yet. … That prefix may change. …

See: Open Questions

Is $ the best prefix for custom widgets? We have a (very) loose guideline that $ stands for “system”, and it is used as a kind of warning sign for system-y stuff that generally doesn’t need to bother casual users. But we don’t have an equivalent prefix for a user defined namespace. Perhaps ., as we’re using with custom operators?

To make things a litter simple, one other solution is to use custom html tag!
HTML Custom Tags | Define HTML5 Element or Tag | Tuts Insider

I can define a tag like todos


That should work, if you define some CSS with display: none. The TW parser will handle that as a custom HTML element.

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No at all. I always welcome feedbacks.

Yes! custom widget is one solution! Still I like to keep overheads as minimum as possible! So, I like to use a simple syntax.


I found this the simplest

x, Call Jeremy
-, Write the docs
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This is a class in WikiText! and should be better than the user defined html tag!

Yes, it will crate a P element if interpreted as a block. or if used inline it will create a SPAN with the .todo class assigned. … That looks good for me. It uses something that TW can handle well, is “compact” and is easy to remember by users.

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Based on above discussions, and @pmario comments I updated the code for simple in tiddler checklist and interstitial journaling! Here is a short demo. The good news is they are searchable as they reside in their tiddler. No extra system tiddler, nor third party tiddler,…

These new features will be published on their own.

Simple checklist


Simple interstitial journaling


Both use data block a new term coined here. A data block is a hidden block of data inside



dblock is a css class.


This has been published as a small separate plugin:

Kara Plugin: First Public Release - Plugins - Talk TW (

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