People, Systems and Things - TiddlyWiki Services by TW_Tones

I am a sole trader with the trading names of “People, Systems and Things” P.S.a.T / InterpretingIT based in Sydney Australia.

Hi folks, I am currently in the process of obtaining Employment after a long streach of a self funded sebatical, primarily focused on TiddlyWiki. However I am now in debt and seeking paid oportunities, so I am posting my availability here.

  • Contact me by Private message here if you have any questions
  • Of course I may only be available for a limited time, if I secure a job that demands most of my attention, I will honor any comitments.
  • I am flexible with my hours but please concider I am in the +10 UTC (+ 11 UTC Southern sumertime) UTC see TimeAndDate
  • If you engage me to do something that I do not already know about, that has potential, I will work “Zero cost hours” to learn this rather than bill you.
    • If I feel something outside my skills, or better addressed by engaging someone else, I will let you know.

Expierence in general

  • IT Professional of 30+ years including as a senior solutions designer, Business and Systems analyst, knowlege and information manager, sustainability and strong knowledge of the sciences. Expierenced teacher / trainer.
  • Conceptual, systems and design thinker.
  • DNS and Hosting provider
    • WordPress website design and hosting and more.

How may you engage me;

  • Per hour engagement in Australian Dollars - initialy at “mates rates”
    • online working together, tutoring and design
    • Trouble shooting anything except complex CSS and JavaScript
    • Working off line to build something you need
    • Education and training including one on one (online), producing tutorials, videos and documentation.
  • I will concider collaborative projects but I am in need of some income.
  • I will concider Fixed price engagments if the requirements are sufficently detailed.
  • Fund me for a community need
    • Solution or tool the community can use, be a philanthropist or Patron
    • Improve core documentation or publish special interest information
    • Develop and maintain a custom edition

TiddlyWiki skills

  • More than a decade of expierence as a super user, rather than JavaScript developer.
    • Although I am increasingly becoming a bit of a “script kiddy”
  • I have build numerous solutions to everyday tiddlywiki issues, extending functionality to enhance its capabilities
  • I have developed a large suit of tools for the “Rapid Development” of solutions based on TiddlyWiki
  • I am aware of many of the available plugins
  • I have expierence delivering a solution to a paid client and a number of informal and paid gigs.
    • Including but not limited to SharePoint deployed wikis, PHP served wikis and Intranet team wikis.
    • I have also developed a “Smart Document” approach to using TiddlyWiki.
  • I have dozens of unpublished tools which I gradualy publish when active in the forum(s). I try to always return more than I get from the community.
    • Many of these tools make designing and using TiddlyWiki easier.
  • I continue to participate in seriouse issues that are of a stratigic nature on the future of TiddlyWiki and seek to find gaps and facilitate filling those gaps.
    • I already have many proof of concepts that fill gaps I have found, they work for me, but need the extra effort to publish professionaly.
    • Have you found gaps you need filling?, maybe I can or already have.