New on Tiddlyhost: Put saving and cloning

Firstly, the “put” save is now the default for current TiddlyWiki and newer. This is kind of a big deal since it should help prevent accidental overwrites, though I’m hoping most users won’t notice the change or need to care about it. There are more details in the FAQ. Please let me know if you hit any bugs or unexpected behaviors.

Secondly there’s a new “Clone” option, which I think will be useful for people who have a favorite set of plugins and customizations that they’d like to easily duplicate when creating a new TiddlyWiki. Find it in the site “Actions” menu. Thanks @twMat for this feature request.


Yes the clone could be useful when using a published edition. Does it work cloning someone else’s public wiki into there repository?

  • Or perhaps an in wiki “save to my tiddlyhost account”

Thanks for the improvements to an already great solution of late @simon


TIP for improvement of great TiddlyHost, is there possible (as a backup) download ALL sites in single thread or ZIP file?

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That’s a nice idea. I created "Download all" button · Issue #265 · simonbaird/tiddlyhost · GitHub to track it.


Ooh very nice addition ! :smiley:

I will upload my custom empty “edition” then. I agree with @TW_Tones, being able to clone/fork someone else wiki’s would be great !

EDIT: Here’s my TW Edition (WIP)

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My thing is, if we have to log in every two hours, is why does the password field have to be typed blind?

I don’t know who it was in 1985 that thought that typing passwords without seeing them was somehow going to make us safer. Is the CIA/MI5/NSA hanging out behind me with a micro spy camera? We’re being asked these days to create long, complicated passwords, but then asked to also type them by touch.

On Android, I end up copying/pasting the password from a text file, which is probably the least safe thing to do. But it’s just too frustrating to have to re-enter a password multiple times on a tiny keyboard.

Re cloning someone else’s wiki - not yet, but I have some plans, see Allow hub sites to be designated as "cloneable" · Issue #266 · simonbaird/tiddlyhost · GitHub .


And, here comes password managers :slight_smile:

Password managers are fussy and time-consuming on Android. Especially on Android, there is no security benefit. Unless you’re wearing a body camera no one can see what you’re typing.

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I disagree, using auto-fill functions of password manager on Android is many easier than copying password with clipborad from file. But its your choice.

But, there are some standards, if is some field for password, then it is password ffield and is handled and parsed by browser as invisible-content password field. And this is good for auto-fill in browsers too, so its better than plain text field.

What browser are you using? If you are using Chrome on Android, I saw some extension to automatically fill exact password field (by configuration) without any user interaction, it may be solution for your problem. Another way is to remembering login in TiddlyHost (check Remember me at login page).

Hope it helps.

I am very 90% happy with LastPass on Android in addition to Windows 11 and in all my browsers. The key advantaged of the mobile version is on the rare occasion I need to access some particular website I have access to the userid and password, and as a good Internet citizen many of my passwords are actually “long random pass phrases” I never type in.

It could be that the particular password manager you used on Android didn’t have a good UX.

I have used KeePass and then Bitwarden for years in search of a manager with good UX. Around three years ago, I switched to 1Password. I am happy with it; it provides good UX on all platforms.

It’s so good that some of my family members, who are not much tech literate, face no problems or difficulties in using 1Password. I have moved everyone to the 1Password family account.

With LastPass, there has been news of data breaches and bad security practices. It is extremely popular, probably due to its pricing model and marketing, but there have been reports of security violations, which you can quickly look up online.

The three cross-platform apps that I mentioned above, KeePass, Bitwarden and 1Password, have a solid reputation so far.

I did look at the breaches at the time and was confident I was not affected.

But importiant to be aware of.

I use FireFox on Android as my password manager. It is a browser and also acts as a PW manager. The good thing is, that it is synced with my Laptop and my PC

As a backup I use keepass on Laptop and PC too

Well, a dedicated password manager can do more like storing your bank account details, GPG keys, SSH passphrases, and certificates.

Also, a good password manager will provide you with 2FA support and warning of data breaches, and duplicate or weak passwords.

I highly recommend everyone get a good password manager.

Sure, but all this misses the point. I want to type my address directly into a password field, without the “security” bullets. They add nothing to security on Android. They don’t do anything for security on the desktop in 99% of all cases. Just because something is “tradition” doesn’t mean we have to continue the practice.

Since the first step in using a password manager is to log in to the password manager, on Android it takes two minutes to find, open, enter the password, find the entry, and copy the password! To use a password I could easily type if only I were allowed to see and double-check my password before entry.

I agree with you on this. Password fields that let you toggle masking are useful and make for a better UX.


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We’re a little off topic here, and I’m not claiming to be an expert on password managers, but what I do is have Chrome generate strong unique passwords and remember them for me so I never have to type them. It synchronizes across different devices so it is very convenient. Firefox can do the same. I think the apps you mention can probably be set up with browser integration to work similarly, but I think they’re probably not worth the trouble now that the two main browsers have good enough password managers built in.

In any case, having a way to show the password as you type seems reasonable. I created an issue for it, see Provide an option to show password while you're typing it · Issue #270 · simonbaird/tiddlyhost · GitHub .


Okay, there’s now a way to clone someone else’s Tiddlyhost site, but there’s a catch - you can do it only if the owner allows. The idea is anyone can prepare a customized “edition” of TW and make it available as a template for others to clone on Tiddlyhost. All available templates will show up at Tiddlyhost where you can click the clone button to clone them.

@TW_Tones I’m thinking you could use this feature to make or a version of it available as a template for Tiddlyhost users. Hopefully over time a useful set of useful templates will appear. I’m imagining the list at Provide a list of different "editions" to select from when creating a site · Issue #207 · simonbaird/tiddlyhost · GitHub as potentially useful templates, but I expect there are others.

I’m pretty happy with this new design since it means edition maintainers can update their templates whenever they want - there’s no need to wait for a Tiddlyhost maintainer (i.e. yours truly) to fetch latest versions and push updates somewhere.

The distinction between creating a new site from an official “empty” and creating a site as a clone is something to think more about, but for now I’m okay to maintain the difference. (Perhaps in future every site is created as a clone, and the standard TW empty file is just another template to choose from… :thinking:)


Great stuff simon

I will play tomorrow. There may be some best practices for clonable sites including a prominent tiddlywiki version as they will age and a link to a talk.tiddlywiki discussion thread for feedback.

Now lets strengthen payments or donations. To tiddlyhost because this may generate a lot more sites.

I will share a few more ideas soon.

Love ya work :nerd_face: