Monthly Report App: A TiddlyWiki TimeSheet

Hi everyone,

I am a caregiver. My clients may be in a retirement home or still in their own home, I have to count the time spent with each one of them and report (monthly) my daily hours (the cumulated time of all my appointments). I also have to provide an other daily total for Sundays and/or holydays. If I have to do something out the client’s home, I have to indicate the distance too.

As many of you may know, computing hours is not that easy, that’s where this app come handy: you only have to tell the app the beginning and the end time of your appointment.


How to use it:

This app comes in 2 languages: English and French. You can change the working language with a click on a button. This is done under the Parameters tab.

Should you click on the button labeled Français fr-FR the app will be in French. Click again on English en-GB, it’s in English.

The TW language setting if also changed while changing the app language (good or bad thing? maybe an option is needed).

Now you have to create a town, click Clients, then New Town. Enter the town name and its zip code, a button that allow you to confirm the creation of the town will appear, click on it!

Now click the New client tab. Enter the desired values in at least 3 input zones (name, address, town) and a button will appear to create the client.

You are free to add some other data immediately in the other fields, you will be able to edit the client’s data in the Registered Clients tabs later.

  • Click now the Services tab, then New service.
  • Select the day (for Sundays and holydays you still have to check the checkbox)
  • Select the client,
  • Enter the beginning hour of your appointment
  • Enter the ending hour of your appointment
  • Indicate the kilometers done (if needed)
  • Click the button that appeared, the new service is added!
  • Click now the Monthly report tab, select the year and month : you have your monthly report!

The things I didn’t say in my previous post:

  • When you enter the client’s name, just type it in lower case: it will be correctly uppercased (is this correct?) when you click on the button.

A name entered like de lille, jean-hubert marcel-henri will be rendered as De Lille, Jean-Hubert Marcel-Henri

The accentuated caracters are also uppercased.

  • the hours and minutes in the report are decimal hours.
    30 minutes is 0.50 decimal hour
    45 minutes is 0.75 decimal hour
    1 hour 15 minutes is 1.25 decimal hour.

  • All texts, labels (tabs, buttons, notifications…) are in the LANG_English_en_GB and LANG_Français_fr_FR tiddlers

  • the icons on the tabs have this prefix $:/images/AVS
    There is a tiddler named TABS_Icons with the full names

  • the deletion of an appointment (or a town) need 1 confirmation

  • the deletion of a client need 2 confirmations, plus all the appointements are deleted

  • have a look under ParametersVersion for a little history of the app

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This is a wonderful app! Thank you for sharing!

It can be used as a timesheet and also as a time tracker.

Side note: May be in the future you like to share the app as a plugin! Then you can use Gatha to help you to package your AVS on the fly!

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Wow, thank you very much!

I will consider this Gatha thing (I never saw anything about this). You are right, sharing can be a tedious thing, even for such a small app.

By the way, some of your tips are used the app. Don’t ask me which ones I just don’t remember: my brain is full of holes (this is why I started using TW) So THANK YOU Mohammad!


You can find Gatha ans some tutorial here:

No wonder I have not seen such a gem, I only searched for tips a bits of code.

I will definitively take a closer look at Gatha

This is really neat! Can you make an option for American English where the distance travelled is in miles?

Can the monthly timesheet be printed as well?

Also I clicked the English button to set it to English but the tooltips in the strip at the bottom of the browser are still in French it seems.

Sorry for this very late answer! :confused:

  1. Quick answer: Open the tiddler named LANG_English_en_GB and change those two lines:
<$action-setfield $tiddler="AVS" distance_unit="km" />
<$action-setfield $tiddler="AVS" distance_unit_up="KM" />
  1. I don’t have a printer anymore but I think this can be done. If not you could export the tiddler to a pdf file, but if I remember well there is a problem with the month and day selector which are not correct in the pdf.

  2. I can’t reproduce this