Missing "thank you" in reaction emojis

These are the reaction emojis


IMO a “thank you” is missing. I believ this is normally used:

…and if there isn’t enough room to include that (important) one, then maybe one of these can be removed because they seem to have the same meaning:
image = image
image =image

Interesting! I think you are right to see emojis as a language. It would never have occurred to me to request we change our emoji vocabulary.

Well, it is 2022. We need experts in emoji hieroglyphs. Soon universities will defund their departments of Egyptology and fund studies on Emojiology :laughing: :rofl:

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An emoji of a hand tipping a top hat would be a good one for thank you


Great idea! Yeah I think :pray: is broadly meaning grateful or thankful.

We can also support custom emoji!

@twMat if you’ve got time, perhaps a short Meta post on use of emoji as interaction here, with examples / broad strokes?

@moderators any objections to adding thanks? (For American thanksgiving!)

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To add to it, do you think :heart: is different from :+1: ?

Also :laughing: from :rofl: ?

:eyes: from :thinking:?

Also, any example post where :smirk: would be relevant?

I don’t know much about emojis. From my limited exposure to the emoji usage, I think the ones that I mentioned, too, can be merged.

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AFAIK the medal was requested as a top post indicator in another thread … hence a little write up would be useful!

In discourse, the :heart: is completely different from all the other icons, and is used to elevate ranking of recipients and (I think) givers. So thumbs up means whatever you happen to think it means (I’ve heard it might be rude in some cultures), but the heart always means something positive.


My interpretation is that :heart: means “I like” or perhaps “love to you for this” whereas if you look at the code for :+1: reads :+1 which traditionally in forums more means “I agree” or “me too” (…at least before “me too” came to mean something else).

And I have come to think of :eyes: to mean “I’m watching/following this” as opposed to :thinking: which is :thinking: (liken in “hmm”).

No problem, I’ll do a writeup.

How doesn’t love a :teddy_bear: as a thank you gift?

hmmm, If we add 1 it will probably start to show 4 lines of “fast emojis” so we will need to add a “full row of them” …

Edit: I did a test and it will show 2 lines :wink: So only 1 new emoji

The heart is the default in Discourse. It can mean great, awesome, I saw this, etc etc as is the tradition when there is only one reaction (like a favourite in other systems – but friendlier, as is Discourse’s style).

The emoji is named :pray:

In Austria we use this guesture as children for "please can I … "

I would have used :dog: but I think in Egypt they prefer :cat: over dogs … That’s why I thought :teddy_bear: would be a nice one. … but that’s only my limited point of view


In a way. But it is more likely, on first look, the act of PRAYER, a SUPPLICATION.


I did add the :eyes: emoji, because it is also part of the GitHub selection and IMO it means: “I see” … or as you wrote “I’m watching/following…”


I thought we could use a bit more “emotional” interaction here, so I did add some more smily faces


I did remove the :-1: since I think if someone disagrees, they should give constructive feedback, instead of hitting -1 with no proper response.

Ok. In my world and literally everyone I talked to, “thank you :pray:” is usually the full phrase, with :pray: as shorthand.

In my discord we have a custom emoji that is a little Thank You gif which is another option but very English centric.

@twMat is going to do a write up and we can go from there. I support his usage of :pray: to mean thank you. We can also relabel the :pray: to be thanks

If we get a +1 from one other moderator I will make it so.

I also liked @DaveGifford “hat tip” as a thank you. Is there such an emoji?

@twMat you’re in charge on what you want to put forward as thank you. Emojipedia is a good resource https://emojipedia.org/

I think we can upload custom ones too, if someone provides a small PNG image.

It is interesting. Because usually “WIDE EYES” in Western cultures usually meant, in past, “incredulity, surprise, shock or horror”

Screenshot 2022-11-22 182901