KaTeX in Tiddlywiki Showcases

Using Tiddlywiki + KaTeX (Tex typesetting) for creating science and engineering app/webpage/wiki see these examples:

  1. Mathematik: https://mathematik.tiddlyspot.com
  2. Extended KaTeX examples in TW: https://kookma-katex.tiddlyhost.com/

Note: Please add more showcases to this post!


I’d like to add my own humble effort here…


It includes back linking for equations.
See the equations tiddler for the full list.
I’m also quite proud of the quadratic equation tiddler.


Wow this is amazing @Ste_W! I help run https://toolsforthought.rocks, would you be interested in coming on and talking about this notebook and generally what your workflow is for using TW? Usually a 5-10min show and tell and then 5 minutes of Q&A on video.

We don’t have a next event scheduled yet, but are actively recruiting for people to demo their stuff.

@Ste_W wonderful! I will add a link to it!
It has many tips to learn!

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I’m not sure how much I have to say but yeah! :slight_smile:


Would it be useful to update/extend the examples that ship with the KaTeX edition in the “HelloThere” tiddler?


Hi Jeremy,
I think it is good to have some demo/example tiddler can be opened from HelloThere, to keep it small and clean!
Also, If you think, like tiddlywiki.com, it is good to add community links, then I would recommend to add links of sample wikis in this thread!

This brings me memories… from 13 years ago:


My class notes for my undergrad students… seems like another life ago… I’m happy that TW is my companion in these several reincarnations and versions of myself :slight_smile: .

(Sorry for reviving old threads, I’m catching up. But please me let me know if there is some community netiquette against).

We hope to have the whole forum as a long lived resource. Not a problem to add comments at all!

Ideally we can even make a native TW export of the forum’s content available:

Is the experiment to build a configurable calcular that also can be used as a formula builder

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Just for the sake of learning, I “duplicated” a blog post and made a TiddlyWiki + KaTeX example.

Note I requested permission from the author to share this example and he kindly accepted in writing.

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