Tiddlywiki 5.2 and KaTex 0.13.18

A good news is Jeremy has updated TW 5.2.0 with KaTex 0.13.18. This brings a lot of flexibility to Tiddlywiki for who use LaTeX and mathematical formula in their wiki!

The https://kookma-katex.tiddlyhost.com/ contains more than 60 examples show how to use KaTeX in Tiddlywiki.


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I have added several examples here: https://kookma-katex.tiddlyhost.com/

I would appreciate who use KaTeX official plugins help to improve the example repo.

Thanks to align feature in TW+KaTex 0.13.18. The below image shows how KaTex is used with Shiraz quick table to create research notes!

KaTeX Equations auto numbering

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Very nice examples! Here’s one on Chemical equations: Chemical Formulas and Equations.tid (867 Bytes)

@SonephetR2 - thank you. Added to https://kookma-katex.tiddlyhost.com/

Custom macro

In Tiddlywiki 5.2.0 + KaTeX 0.13.18 you can define custom KaTex macros. This will simplify and make LaTeX typesetting speedy in Tiddlywiki! See below clip.


More information: https://github.com/Jermolene/TiddlyWiki5/pull/5933

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Examples of Physical Units are added. See: KaTeX Demo — a demo of the KaTeX plugin for ‍‍TiddlyWiki5

The https://kookma-katex.tiddlyhost.com/ has been updated!
It has about 60 examples of using KaTeX in Tiddlywiki!

Open Contents in the sidebar and explorer all the new examples.

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A full fledged Tiddlywiki + KaTeX is introduced to me by 8d1h.

Unfortunately there is no about or author information to see who is behind this amazing Tiddlywiki!


I highly recommend to visit and download it as a wonderful TW example for scientific application!

See also (KaTeX in Tiddlywiki Showcases)

Thanks @Mohammad could you link to it?

Hi Jeremy!
Sorry I forgot to add the link!

Here you go: https://mathematik.tiddlyspot.com/


Updated! See the first post!


While I was playing with TiddlyWiki on Node.js, I ended up updating the KaTeX plugin to version 0.16.4 (2022-12-07).

Wiki: http://efurlanm.github.io/katex-tw5.html

Sources: GitHub - efurlanm/katex-tw5: TiddlyWiki 5 plugin to support the KaTeX library

Hope it can be useful.


Hi @Furlan
Thank you, much appreciated for updating KaTex and sharing with community.

Would you mind creating a PR on and update the TW official plugin?

Thank you for your comments. I’m currently playing around for fun learning about plugins and Node.js, and I have no idea if my versions work and are stable. Playing around with plugins in my own environment gives me the freedom to do whatever I want in the little time I have available. I like the idea of PR and updating the official TW plugin, but so far I haven’t been able to read beyond the third line of https://tiddlywiki.com/static/Contributing.html

Hi @Furlan thanks for sharing. I can help if you are interested in making a PR. We have automatic preview builds for each PR which makes it easy for you to check whether the PR is working as intended, and work on it iteratively.

The best place to start might be to look at the history of the plugin in GitHub. Here you can see the individual PRs that have been made to update KaTeX in the past:

The main point to watch is that some KaTeX updates require the CSS and/or fontface definitions to be updated.

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The automatic numbering of equations is great. Did anyone figure out how to insert references to equations with generated numbers?

I found a way to make this work: katex \label and \eqref by tavin · Pull Request #7599 · Jermolene/TiddlyWiki5 · GitHub

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