Kara Plugin: First Public Release


Kara is a small in tiddler plain checklist and interstitial journaling. It has a minmal UI and lets you manually add/remove items/notes to your checklist/interstitial journal. Items can be simply searched using standard search. Kara does not use any system or third party tiddlers.

Kara is a Persian word (کارا) means efficient, and productive.

Code and demo

For learning plugin features, syntax, tutorial and examples see the plugin demo and code pages

NOTE: For a full fledged todolist and interstitial plugin see Tiny Todolist.



"Kara" by Quantic Dream - YouTube

Great stuff @Mohammad this is very slick and easy to use.

I observe

  • After creation one can move the content around a little without breaking things :+1:

I think as this is it will be valuable to many users, I can see the following possibilities would help further;

  • The use of viewToolbar buttons to add a checklist or journal to the current tiddler (append to end)
    • No need to find the macro syntax or have it appear via the viewTemplate on every tiddler.
    • ie: Click button to add to this tiddler
  • Given we can use the <<checklist tiddler:"daily">> and daily contains every day tasks it would be useful if
    • We can reset the list (clear checkboxes)
    • If we could optionally put a timestamp on checkbox items when done (that are also removed on clear) the done items will be sorted in order of completion regardless of their original order.

As is possible in my checklist design the ability to turn an internal list item into a tiddler when more details are needed is helpful, but not necessarily here.

Despite my (I hope) constrictive feedback here, I think what you made is great.

@Mohammad Great tool. I am using it my TW now. Seems it cannot be loaded by locally node.js server (Tiddlywiki 5.2.2 in Windows 10) after I add the source folder into plugins.

I also noticed Kara plugin is conflicted with projectify plugin.

The checkboxes in the viewer toolbar and to do list in each project are disappearing after enable Kara


It is caused by style in $:/plugins/kookma/kara/styles/main

/* todo section ------------*/

Might be better to use alternative name for .todo

There are two missing comma in plugin.info
I will correct and push an update, by that time use the below plugin.info

	"title": "$:/plugins/kookma/kara",
	"name": "Kara",
	"description": "Small plain checklist and interstitial journaling",
	"author": "Mohammad Rahmani",
	"version": "0.5.1",
	"parent-plugin": "$:/plugins/kookma/thinkup",
	"core-version": ">=5.2.1",
	"source": "https://github.com/kookma/TW-Kara",
	"list": "readme history license",
	"dependents": "",
	"plugin-type": "plugin"

Thank you for reporting this conflict. Would you please tell me where those classes in Projectify are used?

If they are only on view toolbar the fix is easy, if they are used inside tiddler body then, I need to change substantial part of code.

By the way, if you use a full-fledged task manager like Projectify, what is the use case of Kara in that wiki?

Can she speak Persian? :wink:

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Thank you Tony! Nice and useful comments.

You know there are some powerful Task manager plugin out there. Proectify is one of them. Kookma Todolist (with time stamp, priority, clear all checkbox, archive items, …) and Shiraz Task manager (each task in a Tiddler) and also the Mehregan Task Explorer (each task in a tiddler) are few examples out there …

So why Kara? The objective was to have the simplest plain checklist and interstitial notes.
The plain here means, you can open the tiddler with checklist/interstitial in a simple text editor.

I kept everything minimal. But the plugin is very simple and can be extended.

The idea of a daily tiddler is great! I use the Journal tiddler for storing interstitial notes. So, these is good to store daily tasks.

Thank you to TW transclusion feature, checklist with daily tiddler can be called everywhere you like!

Good idea! also, adding an editor shortcut to insert the macro at the bottom of tiddler.

Sidenote: Kara actually was developed as a child plugin to be used in Mehregan edition (now uses Todolist). Kara will replace Todolist in Mehregan. The below image shows the old design

I found another bug with RefNotes plugin.

Step to reproduce this bug:

  1. Install Kara plugin into Refnotes 1.8.3 — references, citations, footnotes and abbreviations in Tiddlywiki
  2. Create a new tiddler with content below.

[ ]  <<ref "bosse-2018">>
[ ] An undone item, a task item
[x] A done item, a finished task


  1. The result look like

The Reference is rendered in the wrong place.

The same behaviour in the interstitial

PS: Not test for other macro in the check list.

It happens to all check boxes defined by projectify, e.g. viewer toolbar and list of task in each project.

I don’t know the details of css of two plugins.

I quickly test to change .todo to .todos in $:/plugins/kookma/kara/macros/checklist and $:/plugins/kookma/kara/styles/main.

It seems all problems are fixed.


I will add a note to documentation that: The interstitial notes and checklists only accept simple wikitexts. So I warn using objects and custom macro calls in checklist/interstitial-notes entry.

Thank you! I will investigate, but your solution looks fine to me.

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Would you please check this? Does this resolve the issue with hidden checkboxes?

/* todo section ------------*/
.tc-tiddler-body .todo{
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Yes it is working now

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So I use this last solution. Thank you @Zheng_Bangyou

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This issue has been addressed in 0.5.1
Kara works with Refnotes and Projectify!

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Great it is working now. Just a tiny bug to render the checked item for RefNotes (no strikethrough).

I thought I may answer this question myself as I am interested in using a todo list within tiddlers along with Projectify.

  • Reoccurring task lists can be placed into a daily journal template to do the same thing over an over
    • In this case it is perhaps overkill to have a tiddler for each task
  • One may have a “set of steps” to follow multiple times, again we need not have seperate tiddlers for this
  • A “todo list” inside a “todo task” is a form of nesting or hierarchical tree of todo items with a list of leaves.