Inline editing of tidddlers in JD whitespace sidebar

Check out the right sidebar of this wiki. It has 4 buttons on the tiddlers in the sidebar -

  1. Open in story river
  2. Edit in storyriver
  3. Remove from sidebar
  4. Remove from sidebar and Open in storyriver

Given below is the code for these 4 buttons.

<$button tooltip="Open in story river" to=<<currentTiddler>> dragTiddler=<<currentTiddler>> class="tc-btn-invisible">{{$:/images/coreui-icons/free/cil-arrow-circle-left}}</$button>
<$button tooltip="Edit this tiddler" dragTiddler=<<currentTiddler>> class="tc-btn-invisible">
<$action-sendmessage $message="tm-edit-tiddler"/>{{$:/core/images/edit-button}}</$button>
<$button tooltip="Remove from sidebar" dragTiddler=<<currentTiddler>> class="tc-btn-invisible">
<$fieldmangler tiddler=<<currentTiddler>>>
<$action-sendmessage $message="tm-remove-tag" $param="$:/tags/SideBar"/>
<$button tooltip="Remove from sidebar and Open in storyriver" to=<<currentTiddler>> dragTiddler=<<currentTiddler>> class="tc-btn-invisible">
<$fieldmangler tiddler=<<currentTiddler>>>
<$action-sendmessage $message="tm-remove-tag" $param="$:/tags/SideBar"/>

Now I need to add another edit inline button for the tiddlers in right sidebar (to open the tiddler in edit mode within the sidebar instead of opening it in the sidebar). How to do it?

If you look at the above buttons, they do act on the currentTiddler, so the way the tiddlers is displayed in the sidebar it is simple to include any existing button. Try adding this in the above list of buttons {{||$:/core/ui/Buttons/open-window}} this makes the open window button act of current tiddler.

  • Now make an edit inline button that works on tiddlers in the story river, and once working transclude it with the above buttons.

There are some decisions to make when developing an edit inline button and these tiddlers existing in the side bar through a special view adds a little complexity.

  • Have you a method already?

I do use a inline editing button in my wikis…check this wiki
Click on the button to the left of edit button

It uses the principle of section editor. So I am not sure whether I can use it for the sidebar tiddlers.

I did tried my luck today- but nothing worked perfectly. In one method I was able to get the edit view working in sidebar using edit text widget, but the view mode also was seen along with the edit mode instead of getting hidden. So I will have to continue experimenting.

Have you seen any examples of editing tidlders in the sidebar itself in the past. If yes, I can search the Google groups and the forum in detail.

The main thing to remember that the sidebar tabs have the currentTab variable set, not currentTiddler