How to make the sidebar (esp sidebar of JD's whitespace theme) work like a story-river

This is related to another post - Inline editing of tidddlers in JD whitespace sidebar

Good thing about the sidebar in JD’s whitespace theme is that it’s almost like a modified story-river. If we can tag a tiddler with $:/tags/SideBar , those tiddlers will appear in the sidebar. I have tiddler viewtoolbar button to send tiddlers to sidebar in one click. Once within the sidebar, these tiddlers can be collapsed, drag and dropped to change the order, removed from the sidebar, opened in the story river in edit mode or view mode, opened in a new window. What I am missing is the ability to edit tiddler within the sidebar including its fields. I also need a button to open the tiddlerInfo section of the tiddler within sidebar.

Is this possible?

This the template for the sidebar - 👻✨ — whitespace theme

The main thing about the sidebar is it is not aware of a current tiddler, only a currentTab. As long as you write your code in the sidebar to determine the currentTiddler it should work out of the box.

Here I nominate a specific tiddler sidebar-note, in a tiddler tagged $:/tags/SideBar put {{sidebar-note||$:/core/ui/EditTemplate/body}} to see an edit in sidebar.

  • Remember direct edit does not use the drafts mechanism

Note, the editor looses focus after the first new character is entered.