Habit tracker in TW

There are 3 habit tracker plug in or macros available in TW.

  1. http://togglers.tiddlyspot.com/
  2. My TiddlyWiki — a non-linear personal web notebook
  3. links.tiddlywiki.org — TiddlyWiki community links

I would like to use one of those. Can others using any one of these give their opinions.

Is @Sii the author of the habit tracker mentioned in this link - links.tiddlywiki.org — TiddlyWiki community links
If yes, is there an updated version for tracker ?

Also http://togglers.tiddlyspot.com/ has some bug as mentioned in this google group post - https://groups.google.com/g/tiddlywiki/c/5q6J2tt7Yiw/m/BtfYehcCBgAJ I am not able to use it in my wiki since I don’t know how to correct the code as mentioned the Google group post.

The whole toggler thing is brilliant!

I have other versions of it the author provided me—and also a data editor to make it sing.
I can’t publish these as they were privately sent to me.

It might be worth tracking down the author and asking for an update. He is a very clever programmer.


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I couldn’t find out who is the author of this daily task macro. I searched in the Google group.

Is it bad if you share that macro with others.

You could share a demo wiki in tiddlyhost or something similar in the name of the author. I won’t insist if you are not comfortable.

I would like to but I am not comfortable doing that without the author’s agreement.

The AUTHOR of the wonderful Togglers is, I am fairly sure, Steven Kimmel at stevekimmel@yahoo.com


Hi sorry I only just saw this. Yeah it was me who posted that, I’m surprised to see it was added to the links page. I never did anything with it in the end. If you want to take the code and build on it obviously feel free, but it is very messy and I had no idea what I was doing so it might be best to just start from scratch.


I used it for the last one week. It’s working fine. I don’t know how it will perform in long term. Will have to tinker with the code to learn how you created this. Anyways thanks for creating this.

Thank you @TiddlyTweeter . I was able to contact Steven Kimmel. He has told that he will update the macro next week.

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Whoah! Thanks for letting us know! The Togglers by Steven Kimmel is a brilliant utility!


@arunnbabu81 so which habit tracker you are finally using? I’m trying to find a in-wiki app looks like

Did you find the right one for you?

@linonetwo I am trying out the Habit tracker by @Sii . I have uploaded a copy here. This one looks ideal for me because it can store the data in json tiddlers which can be used for charting. This also have a UI similar to the Loop Habit tracker

Thank you, but I prefer storing the data inside tiddler, we can parse it as json for charting too.

But a table like this is better than http://togglers.tiddlyspot.com/ , I like the date row on it.

@arunnbabu81 @Sii Could you explain how this works? Thanks.

<$wikify name="day1" text="(= year(add_days(now(),{{!!day-diff}}))&'/'&month(add_days(now(),{{!!day-diff}}))&'/'&day(add_days(now(),{{!!day-diff}})) =)">


Because (= and &"/"& don’t seem to be valid tw syntax, I don’t know how to understand it.

(= is from tiddlyformula plugin I guess ( mushroom bracket)


Thanks, this looks interesting. And functions like year add_days and now come from Formulas for TiddlyWiki — spreadsheet-inspired number crunching

This feature have some overlap with filter expression, I’m not sure if I can do it with filter expression instead, but I will try this plugin first.

I had created a post asking whether this dependency on MathyJS and tiddlyformula can be removed using native TW features.

With soo much help from @btheado, I was able to modify the habit tracker created by @Sii using wikitext only- here is the share demo

Here is the discussion - Habit tracker - can dependency on MathyJS and TiddlyFormula plug in be removed?

Nice work,

do you think a yearly streak view might be an interesting feature?
I am quite happy with mine:



This one also looks interesting. Could you please share a demo wiki for this?

I am using a apex-chart along with the habit-tracker I shared as discussed here - Charting plugins - ApexCharts and Chart.js - #21 by andrewg_oz

Sure, drag and drop this .json file to a fresh wiki (deleted)

P.D: I tried to setup a demo but lost patience

Edit: To give more context, the yearly streak graph is a combination of GithubHeatmap.js in ECharts - Bringing amazing visualization tools to TiddlyWiki! plugin + Routines — a web notebook to keep track of daily routines