FlowTiwi - a Multi-column draggable resizable sidebar (beta release)

Demo site

I always hope I can view multiple sidebar tabs at the same time, so I try to make this demo. You can reorder sidebar tabs with their title, and resize each tab with the handle on the bottom right of each tab.

You can resize the tab to be smaller so there can be two columns of tabs. And you can resize the sidebar so you get more columns. (using Resizable Sidebar - Resize your sidebar with mouse dragging! )

I made it work with react plugin What's your opinion about using ReactJS in the plugin? - #5 by linonetwo

Note: This is just the ordinary sidebar tab, with different display mode, you can simply add SystemTag: $:/tags/SideBar to a tiddler add new sidebar tab block.


Did you do a search ands see this Resizable Sidebar - Resize your sidebar with mouse dragging!

My test now through an error, but not the one you have.

Do you mean the " ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded" error? That seems to be an error from tw core? I have come across this before, and didn’t had a solution too. https://groups.google.com/g/tiddlywiki/c/vXVLQD58yPQ/m/0f8vPFPtGwAJ

Now its beta release, I think it is possible to use in daily note-taking.

You can star it on the GitHub GitHub - tiddly-gittly/flowtiwi-sidebar: Enhanced sidebar gives you Flow in TiddlyWiki. if you find it useful.

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It works well on a tablet @linonetwo - great stuff. How can I configure it? Is it possible to add elements to display in it - a tiddler or another notetaking plugin for example?
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Hi Watt, this is just the sidebar tab, you can add SystemTag: $:/tags/SideBar to add new sidebar tab block.

I will add this to the readme.

This looks similar to the sidebar of JD’s whitespace theme. But sidebar in white space theme isn’t active in mobile. It’s usable only in desktop mode.