Are there any alternative sidebar plugin?

Have you seen the sidebar in other styles? For example like VSCode’s sidebar (collapsable verticle tabs)


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Glad to see he is maintaining projectify! There are a lot to learn in the projectify.

I found it is using custom tag $:/themes/nico/notebook/tags/SidebarSection to collect sidebar fragment in its collapsible sidebar. I’d like to modify it to allow open multiple sidebar fragment at the same time, but didn’t find where this $:/themes/nico/notebook/tags/SidebarSection is used.

I like this, I am also planning making my wiki sidebar mobile friendly because I have developed GitHub - tiddly-gittly/tw-mobile-sync: Sync data between Mobile HTML (Tiddloid) <-> Desktop App (TidGi) recently. I will take a look how it is implemented.

But I also hope every template author can make their modification fine-grained plugins, so users can choose the needed feature to install in our existed wiki… (I’m packaging all my modifications small plugins in the CPL

Thanks, I think Projectify’s collapsible sidebar comes from this plugin’s Notebook/Sidebar.tid at master · NicolasPetton/Notebook · GitHub file.

I’m going to make a small sidebar plugin out of this.

@JanJo to be clear the demo site for Projectify has the Additional plugin $:/plugins/nico/notebook-mobile and its theme selected.

In fact that theme provides the left hand side sidebar on desktops, and an overlay sidebar on mobiles.

Now there is another one FlowTiwi - a Multi-column draggable resizable sidebar (beta release)