FileUploads: available uploader modules (supported backends)

Uploader modules for different server backends allow the FileUploads plugin to upload images and other files to that server. Most of these uploader modules as well as the FileUploads plugin itself can be installed from the SQPL plugin library.

Note that most of these uploader modules are experimental at present and do not have support available, please refer to the readme tiddler of each plugin.

This is a list of available uploaders:

  • Fission (available via SQPL plugin library). Depends on TiddlyWiki on Fission, which needs updating.
  • Github (available via SQPL plugin library). Experimental.
  • PUT uploader (available via SQPL plugin library). Superseded by the WebDAV uploader, still useful for node.js TW server.
  • node.js TW server: requires the PUT uploader as well as the experimental Node.js files PUT uploader support plugin, both available via SQPL plugin library.
  • Aliyun uploader for Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun) Object Storage System (OSS).
  • WebDAV uploader: available as part of the experimental WebDAV Utilities plugin from the SQPL plugin library. The uploader module itself is stable and well tested.