File Uploads plugin: updates

August 30th, 2021:
There is a new release of the File Uploads plugin and the Fission and Github uploader modules available: File Uploads plugin — beta

You will need to delete the existing FileUploads plugin and corresponding uploader modules from your wiki before importing the new versions.
You may also need to configure the plugin and uploaders again.

This should be a one time occurrence as the plugin tiddlers have changed from using a $:/plugins/tiddlywiki prefix to a $:/plugins/commons prefix to reflect that they are semi-official plugins that have come about through community backing, in this case via OpenCollective.


  • FileUploads plugin:
    • Switched to using the $:/plugins/commons tiddler title prefix.
  • Fission Uploader:
    • Switched to using the $:/plugins/commons tiddler title prefix.
    • Support for direct IPFS links for canonical URI and configurable IPFS gateways as requested here.
  • Github Uploader:
    • Switched to using the $:/plugins/commons tiddler title prefix.

September 3rd, 2021:

I’ve pushed new updates for the FileUploads plugin and the Fission and Github uploader modules.

The changes are all related to code optimization and there should be no difference from an end user perspective. Some testing would be appreciated to ensure everything still works as it should.


  • FileUploads plugin v0.1.2:
    • refactored code for compatibility with IE11
    • introduced an UploadItem class with convenience methods for converting base64 tiddler data to Uint8Array or Blob objects.
  • Fission Uploader v0.1.3:
    • refactor to use the getUint8Array() method
  • Github uploader v0.1.2:
    • code comments updated

September 13th, 2021:


  • FileUploads plugin v0.1.3:
    • the dummy uploader is no longer configured as the default when installing the plugin, and an error message is shown when no uploader is configured
  • Fission Uploader v0.1.4:
    • UX improvements for configuration options for the different kinds of IPFS canonical URI links.

October 3rd, 2021:


  • FileUploads plugin v0.1.14:
    • requires TiddlyWiki 5.2.0
    • now better integrates uploaders in plugins not using the Commons tiddler namespace
    • adds support for disabling auto file uploads and manually uploading selected tiddlers using the tm-upload-tiddlers message.

This completes my backlog of intended changes to the FileUploads plugin. Feedback and potential bug reports are welcome.

The one remaining issue that I am tracking is that tiddler titles are used verbatim as filenames, but may not always be valid filenames. Suggestions for strategies for dealing with this while also ensuring unique filenames are welcome.

Available via plugin library:

FileUploads and associated uploader plugins are now also available via my plugin library. For the intrepid amongst you, there is also an experimental PUT (WebDAV compatible) uploader available there.


October 10th, 2021:


  • FileUploads plugin v0.1.15:
    • fixed a bug which caused errors when uploading non-binary tiddlers with some uploaders.

There are bonus goodies in my plugin library for the intrepid and curious.

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October 14th, 2021:


  • FileUploads plugin v0.1.16:
    • fixed a niche bug that could occur if the plugin was injected via an extra script tag rather than having been imported through the usual mechanisms.

For those interested in what using the FileUploads plugin with node.js might be like, there is an experimental plugin in my library that adds support to the node.js server for the PUT uploader.

It is a quick experiment and not implemented how a properly supported node.js backend would be, but it might be helpful in terms of understanding the user experience and features that we want.

February 11th, 2022:


  • FileUploads plugin v 0.1.17:
    • Uploader modules can now add additional fields to the tiddler after uploading, thanks to a PR from @FSpark

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