Banner Image Competition for v5.3.2

We’re hoping to release TiddlyWiki v5.3.2 on December 11th. As usual, we’re holding a competition to design the banner image that is shown on the splash screen and within the opening HelloThere tiddler.

Ideally, the artwork should reflect some of the changes in the new version. I’ve updated the release note for the prerelease:

Entries will be accepted until Thursday 7th December 2023 at 8am UK time. We will then hold a vote here to determine the winner.

The other rules/guidelines for the competition are:

  • The version number must be clear and readable even when the banner is shown at a reduced size
  • The version number must use the correct punctuation including the “v” prefix and clear full stops between the numbers
  • The image must be a PNG or JPEG of exactly 560x315 pixels
  • Note that the image is displayed at a smaller size on , so check that your artwork is legible at the display size (the scaling is done in order to yield good quality on hi-dpi displays)
  • The image need not include the word “TiddlyWiki”. The banner image is only used in contexts where it is clear that it is about TiddlyWiki
  • Feel free to enter an updated version of artwork that was a runner-up in a previous competition
  • Reply to this message with your entry, or any questions
  • Please give lots of feedback here to encourage the artists

Good luck! I’ll be looking forward to seeing the entries.

Best wishes



I don’t know if I will have time to create something this time, but I have two loose ideas. Maybe someone can make something useful out of them.

The magrittr package for R introduces a forward pipe operator %>%. Its name and logo:
are a play on the painting The Treachery of Images by René Magritte:
The French inscription translates to “This is not a pipe”.
This is not really applicable to the v5.3.2 release, it just came to my mind because of some graphical resemblance (due the use of % and > as in the new <%if ... %> syntax). However I always enjoyed its wittiness and wanted to share this.

An idea that could be applied to v5.3.2 was to use railroad switch as a metaphor for the conditional if/else syntax. Something like train number “v5.3.1” or Motovun playing with the switch lever. But I haven’t come up with any sensible idea of how to make it readable in the small format.


Warn a guy, will you? I was eating pistachios when I opened this, and almost choked! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That’s fantastic!

Not really a serious contender. Done with AI and post-production by a Gimp-challenged individual. I was impressed by how close it came to my original concept. Maybe if I was a professional user they would allow me to create high-resolution images so I wouldn’t have to expand the edges to make it 560x315.

I messed up and asked for 5 3 3. The AI used 5 2 3! So it was more right than I was. I Gimp-shopped the numbers around.

A kitten (the TW default avatar) is making a choice (condition) from 3 doors in a wall of tiddlers. So that’s the connection to v5.3.2.



This is extremely rough, but transit maps feel (to me) like a good combination of Conditionals (need X line to get to Y place) and Image Maps (which I am very excited about). Concrit welcome, ofc, but if this is :eyes:-worthy then I can finish carving it v5.3.2 banner


As always, the gallery of version banners is open for nostalgia and inspiration:

And here’s one quick banner-image draft from me, to add to the party:

spandrel tree 5.3.0

(Edited so that image here is actually a png. — or at least I tried to make it a png, though this forum is stubbornly converting to jpeg. Meanwhile, the gallery site has webp versions, just to save KB.)


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@jeremyruston I always understood that it doesn’t have to contain “TiddlyWiki” as it’s redundant, but it is not forbidden to use it. But maybe it’s just me not understanding the wording correctly.
In any case, if you want that the artwork explicitly does not contain “TiddlyWiki”, maybe the rule should be formulated differently to avoid confusion?

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Hi Jeremy,
Sorry for the inconvenience. I move these under the Cafe!

That is correct, and accordingly we have had banners in the past that include the word as part of a design. But that’s not quite the case here; the “banner” is almost entirely the word “TiddlyWiki”, plus a simple generic graphic that does not appear to be related to the new version of TiddlyWiki, and an artful presentation as a fake photograph.

I am happy to use generative AI tools myself for all kinds of things, but the output is almost always banal and generic. In my experience it takes a lot of human labour to make something satisfying out of their output.


Hello Mark_S,

Just in case : depending on the AI software you use, some, like stable diffusion, provide outpainting features that can handle expanding the edges.

Best regards,


This is clever and eyecatching, @Springer! I think it’s a great idea to graphically highlight the new syntax (as @vilc also suggested). As a user, if I see an unfamiliar string of characters right on the version logo, I’m automatically inspired to find out how it’s used.

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I’ll just leave this brainfart here in hopes that someone is inspired to make it pretty:




? Isn’t 5! == 5 • 4 • 3 • 2

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Here’s a conditional tree that more clearly bears fruit:

conditional orange tree

(This supersedes my earlier draft.)


Looks a bit <% iffy %> if you ask me (see what I did there?)

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These are my artworks for TW 5.3.2 release banner competition. These are created using AI.

Banner 01


Banner 02


Banner 03



  • The first banner indicates the new <%if%> feature in 5.3.2
  • The symbol in banner 02 and 03 is an indication of TiddlyWiki is made of several small chunk of data (e.g. tiddlers)



Not my greatest work but, here is my submission for the next icon.

I included the TW logo as the super icon on the taskbar (like the windows icon) but if thats no good I can replace it, I just thought it would be a nice easteregg

I also considered instead of a terminal window to show a simplified tiddlywiki page, but it would be too small to really see what what written in the tiddler :confused: