Vote For the TiddlyWiki Banner v5.3.2!

Images taken from: Banner Image Competition for v5.3.2

This poll will be active till 11.12.2023 12:00 UTC – The “voters” info below will show the total votes given for all possibilities.

have fun!


Hi @Mario I don’t think we should accept votes for the @Mark_S design of the cat choosing between three doors. As @Mark_S said in his post, it is not a serious contender, and it would not be possible to use it in its present form with the padding on the left and right.

I’m sorry. I hope that users, which did choose it, follow the thread and assign their vote to a different possibility.

Congratulations to @catter-fly for the winning entry. The runners-up are also of the usual very high standard. Thank you to everyone who entered and voted, much appreciated.


oh!! Thank you!! :smiley:



@jeremyruston Can each version of the banner image be placed in a fixed place instead of replacing it with a new banner each time?

The reason we do it the current way is to avoid carrying around the weight of all the accumulated banners in But perhaps we could archive them elsewhere.

The TW Archive allows you to re-visit all the Banner tiddlers:

And, if anyone wants the gallery overview of contestants submitted starting from 5.1.22 (with winners flagged) all in one place, check out tw-logo-contest — in tiddlywiki, for tiddlywiki

Thank you @Springer, it is great to be able to browse the old designs.