Announcing my plugin library

Hi all,

I’ve been working on a plugin library for a while and I feel it’s mature enough to share:

These are all small plugins I’ve extracted from my own wikis. If you find them useful too, that’s even better!

Plugin developers may find the code interesting. I use TypeScript and Tailwind CSS. Each plugin avoids polluting the global macro namespace as much as possible using private macros. motion and tag-count are interesting examples of more advanced hacking, but some of the pure wikitext ones are pretty interesting too.



Thank you, Ben!
It is added to Tiddlywiki Community Plugin Libraries - Discussion - Talk TW

The name I used is BWPL, if you don’t like the name edit it on (Tiddlywiki Community Plugin Libraries)


Nice job! :100:

Would you be interested in trying Modern.TiddlyDev? It’s a new developer-friendly tool for writing TypeScript plugins, along with tw5-typed, a TypeScript type library for tiddlywiki.


@benwebberThank you for sharing.

I really like checklist (very neat checklist macro which stores all data in single field) and motion (vim bindings)


Sure, I’ll give a shot. The development server is a good idea. My main annoyance with my current workflow is the feedback loop. For pure wikitext plugins I usually start in the browser, but it gets more annoying when you add JS and CSS.


Wow. Just wow.

I can see myself using almost every one of these, and likely soon. Thank you very much for sharing.

expand makes me think of the footnotes on I don’t need footnotes for my current work, but I thought that when I did, I would have a go at implementing something like that. I now have a great model to start from.

Thanks all for the warm reception.

If you’ve installed checklist, I recommend updating it to 0.2.1. I fixed several bugs I should have caught before release.

Hey just seeing this tonight. Great job! We are really being blessed with new plugins, macros and libraries lately.

Wow, you did the tag-count thing – something I tried to build myself but without enough skills to make it consistent. Thanks!


Good stuff!
I have the tabs counter installed!
I also enjoyed reading the coffee pot control protocol!.