Advanced Search in Fields: The Next Step

Ref: Advanced Search in Fields Plugin: New Updates

What do you think if we can search in fields from the sidebar but like Google?

  • field:term like title:HelloThere
  • AND several steps on the fly
  • Remove unwanted results with just -
  • simple, flat similar to native standard search




Lovely! Thanks for investing so much work to build something perfect.
It is a strong competitor for filtersearch. The buttons to export and delete would be usefull there.

Whoah! I think it a great idea! Using the “Google delimiter: method” is a neat idea!

But, an, issue, I think, with it is it introduces yet another syntax.

I think as a self-contained plugin advertised as a novel, efficient sidebar search it could have great wide use.

But it would be a mistake to mix it up with Advanced Search In Fields plugin as it would get too complex cognitively to cope with both this and that.

Just an early comment

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That is quite true! I think I have to stick to TW search syntax!

This new method needs to have its own container and name!


That’s very true. Also…

@Mohammad What you’re close to proposing is a CLI intrinsic to TiddlyWiki – something I’ve considered for a long time. If you go with this idea, I would suggest not limiting it to searching, but instead make sure to offer all possible “commands” experienced users might want to type in.


I’m picturing a $text-edit (<input type=text...>) with a datalist attached. User can type and/or select commands from the list. Hit enter/click Go! and the command is executed.

Call it TWiCL (pron: twickle) TiddlyWiki integrated Command Line


I have something very similar here, though I did it using Tampermonkey. If I had time, I’d rewrite it to be native TW code.

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Thank you @CodaCoder!
I thought to create a gSearch, but it would be good to have more features as you described!
Just to see what we have already, I would like to name two plugins

  • command palette
  • customized CodeMirror (this is very powerful)

If I am correct, command palette has some features close to CLI! Am I right?

What is command palette? Is that a plugin?

And what is customized CodeMirror?

See Command Palette — a command palette for TiddlyWiki
but there is a mod version by @linonetwo distributed through CPL (community plugin library)

This is also an amazing plugin with a lot of shortcuts and autocomplete and TW syntax highlighter! This also distributed through CPL

CPL: TW5 CPL Wiki — TiddlyWiki5 Plugin Library for TiddlyWiki Chinese Communities


Caro @CodaCoder, @Mohammad is not just a great programmer, he is also kinda pretty HIP.