Why this checkbox doesn't work in the sidebar

I’m trying to make a new tiddler that manages the tiddlers I have open and the info tab in the sidebar. It was progressing quite well although I had encountered some difficulties, but I made the mistake of testing the functioning of my code only in the story river and not in the sidebar. I decided to create a new topic so as not to go off topic in the old one (if anyone is interested: How to put an info tab in the sidebar).

The problem:
For what I’m trying to do I would like to insert a checkbox that enables/disables buttons. The idea is to put a checkbox which modifies a field of the tiddler like this:

<$checkbox field="CloseTiddlersAbility" checked="on" unchecked="off">&nbsp;
<$list filter="[{!!CloseTiddlersAbility}match:[off]]" emptyMessage="""Dis""">En</$list>able buttons</$checkbox>

and to surround the buttons that I don’t want to be displayed anymore with:

<$list filter="[[Open Info]get[CloseTiddlersAbility]] +[match[on]]" variable="ignore">
buttons to be disabled

while this works fine in the story river, it doesn’t work in the sidebar. The list filter still works, but not the checkbox.

  • Why it doesn’t work in the sidebar? How can i fix it?

P.S. -For inexperienced users, don’t do like me, always try what you want to do in its final destination

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Just above the checkbox, add “current tiddler is: <<currentTiddler>>

See what that shows in the story river vs the sidebar.

This is a good sanity check test for many situations.

Please, ask questions about what you find.


Thanks for the quick response. I did as you said. In the story river it displays the name of the tiddler with the checkbox, and nothing in the sidebar.
What should I infer from this?

Because things showing in the sidebar behave differently in regards to what the current tiddler means, you need to explicitly identify the tiddler related to the checkbox widget.

Same thing for all widgets in that tiddler showing in the sidebar.

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Solved! Thank you Charlie :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Good stuff! Apologies for quick replies during very short coffee breaks.

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Perfect replies actually